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Sebastyn of Brill is a Human Death Knight and the current guildmaster of the Heirs Of The North.


Sebastyn was once a cleric of Lordaeron - a basic message writer, messenger and student of history. He was scourged shortly after the fall of Lordaeron whilst trying to escape the northlands after the death of King Terenas Menethil II with a motley band of merchants, servants and former city guards. He served as a Death Knight under Arthas command for several years (service which he can recall with an unusual clarity), and was ultimately released from the Lich King's will at the battle of Lights Hope.

After his will was returned to him, Sebastyn wandered for a time, looking for a new purpose. He spent several months in service with both the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade, fighting the scourge in Northrend. Ultimately he wished to both redeem himself for the deeds he had done in the Lich Kings name, and seek a way to redeem the will of his former Master. He now, however, views the latter as a hopeless task.

Having earned the reputation as a skilled fighter and honest Alliance man during his time in Northrend, Sebastyn has recently returned to Stormwind, where he has gained the trust of the human King, Varian Wyrnn. Through hard work and campaign he has been given the right to call human alliance members to arms, as a champion of Stormwind. He currently seeks to lead a campaign back to his homelands, Lordaeron and it’s surrounds, in order to win back this land for the Alliance.

More information regarding Sebastyn's background can be found in A Death Knight's Tale.


Sebastyn hails from a merchant class family, based in the village of Brill. His father and both uncles were jewelcrafters to the King.

  • Father: Ethan of Brill - Gemcutter and jewel crafter (deceased)
  • Mother: Sariah Anbach (formerly of Ambermill) - mage (deceased)
  • Brother: Marco Anbach - knight of the Silver Hand (deceased)
  • Brother: Dante Anbach - no known occupation (presumed deceased)

He is also associated with the trainee Lordaeron guard, Lucien Ginnet, who is also (presumed) deceased.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Sebastyn appears young, perhaps sixteen at the most (he stopped aging physically when he became a death knight and is in fact nearer twenty three). His hair is a fair straw-blonde colour, and his complexion is pale. His eyes are blue, and “leak” the phosphorescence marking him as a death knight. His facial features are a touch effeminate, making him pretty, rather than handsome, with a certain choirboy innocence to his looks.

He is much more slender than most warriors and fighters. As a result of this, his casual armour tends to hang badly on his frame, as if it was made for someone with a much bulkier physique. His “uniform” armour however seems to be of a much better fit. He moves well, like a man accustomed to fighting, and is rather graceful in his gestures, a heritage of both court life, and the military “training” he has received since.

He is never seen without his runeblade - he considers this a part of his being. The blade itself is of exceptional craftsmanship though the seven runes on it’s surface seem to have been hacked into place - definitely designed more for functionality than decoration.

His accent is well spoken Lordaeron in the main part. His voice tone is mid range, though can jump up an octave or two when he is excited or irritated. He has a tendency to skip into the dialect of whichever person he is speaking to at the time.


Despite being a Death Knight, if told of alignments and what each meant, Sebastyn would class himself as Lawful Good, although in truth he has certain personality traits that lean him a little in favour of Neutrality. For himself, he tries to do what is right, though he remains uncertain of his own faith. He tends not to judge individuals on their past actions, but on their present ambitions, believing that it would be hypocritical for him to do otherwise.


“If I can be saved, then why not Arthas?" “I will lead them to war if I must, but in truth I just wish to go back home.” “For Lordaeron!”

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