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Current name: Sekanai Ashecroft

Birth name: Sekanai Quel'asina (Quel'asina meaning 'High Tower')

Physical Traits Edit

Sekanai is a physically intimating figure, standing about two feet taller than an average Kaldorei, at 9 feet and 4 inches tall. His eyes glow a dull gold, due to his age. He has waist length dark green hair, with several silver strands visible, including a short beard. His only visible scar is a long, deep one traced directly across his face, that tunnels through the bridge of his nose.

Race and Class Edit

Kaldorei Warrior

Guild Edit

Dead of Winter

Occupation Edit

Sentinel Commander of the Dead of Winter

Family Edit

Eluunah Ashecroft (Wife- Deceased)

Aluuh Ashecroft (Daughter)

He no longer discusses his blood family (Father, Mother, etc)

Background Edit

Sekanai Ashecroft, was born 26,784 years before the First War, in the wild forests of Feralas. Growing up, he was known to be caring, gentle and compassionate towards others, traits he carries with him even to this day. However, his physical stature and imposiveness that make others uneasy around him. Sekanai stands about two feet taller than normal Kaldorei, and it signs towards his incredible strength in battle. He trained himself in how to fight with a sword and shield, against the wishes of his father.

Strangely, Sekanai has no real explaination about how he has lived for as long as he has. He claims that he cannot remember various parts of his life (even one spanning three thousand years. Strangely, all of the memory losses are from -before- the Sundering of Azeroth). However, he does decide to blame this on his age.

Never truly earning the ability to call himself a Sentinel, he was granted leadership of his own small group of them. The War of the Ancients began, and by then he was a master of his own style of fighting. And then, he truly got a taste of real battle. He bulldozed through countless demons, and protected the injured huntresses and sentinels whenever they were nearby him. It was during this battle, that his first confrontation with the Eredar, Lu'shu, commenced. Lu'shu strode from a battlefield covered in the blood of Sentinels, -his- Sentinels. Both fought with, seemingly, everything they could throw at each other, but unlike the countless other members of the Legion Sekanai had killed, Lu'shu was the first to laugh with every wound he gained.

After a time, a horde of demons formed a ring around the two, and cheered and jeered at the two warriors. However, after Sekanai landed a particularly powerful sword strike to Lu'shu's chest, Lu'shu laughed louder, and removed his eyepatch. Within seconds, he was dessimated from the Eredar's assault, too powerful and too quick to defend himself against. Lu'shu rose his blade to land the final blow, but was pulled back into the portal from the Well of Eternity's explosion. Lu'shu taunted him before he disappeared by saying "Farewell Elf, may I haunght your dreams forever!", before laughing hysterically.

After the Sundering, one of the priestesses commented Sekanai as what he believed was a "Twilight Thorn". Since then, the Night Elves know it as his more permanent title. The truth behind the title, was in the moment the portal opened, the nether energies shattered the matter of nearby trees. A splinter, now enfused with nether magicks launched itself out, and embedded itself into Sekanai's neck. When he was being healed, a Priestess of Elune used holy magicks on the wound, much of the magic absorbed by the dark magic in the splinter, fusing them together to form Twilight magic. By then, it had already begun growing into his body, around the vital areas of his organs, veins, ateries, etc. The magicks filtered into his blood and muscles, increasing his physical strength and speed, and causing within him a "Twilight Rage" whenever his emotions shift towards anger and fury.

The Battle of Hyjal commenced, and Sekanai fought alongside the Horde to kill Kaz'rogal and Azgalor, before regrouping with his Sentinels. After Archimonde was killed, Sekanai resigned as Commander. Little is known about what he did between Hyjal and the events of today, but his most recent actions were played out while he was a Lieutenant of the Shattered Sun Offensive. He also resigned from his position there after Kil'jaeden was defeated and the Sunwell reclaimed.

The trek to Northrend began, and he aided the forces of the Argent Crusade within Zul'drak most known. During this time, he developed friendships and comraderies with the Crusade, the Dragons of Wyrmrest, the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, and the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Sekanai was present at the downfall of Naxxramas, leading the group that eliminated Kel'thuzad.

Not long after, Sekanai fought Lu'shu again, this time within Stormwind's kingdom walls. And once again, lost in battle. Demanded by Lu'shu, Sekanai was healed, and plummeted into an annoyed agression for a few days. During those days, he met Eluunah Skymane, a Draenei huntress. She attempted to help his injury, but he noted the strange look in her eyes of attraction.

At first, they conversed like they weren't interested in what the other said, but soon began a friendly partnership. Within a week, they were a couple.

Sekanai and Eluunah fought at the Silithid War that had begun again. On the fourth day into it, Eluunah was injured by one of the Silithid Wasps, and this threw him into a rage. His armor changed as the "Twilight Rage" consumed him, and he destroyed much of the hive she was attacked near. He returned again after sometime, and stayed with her until the war had ended.

Their relationship blossomed over time, and after another three weeks, Sekanai proposed. The day would continue to bring great news, as not only did she say "Yes", she also declared she was pregnant with his child.

Barely a month passed, the two planning and preparing for the child, before at the beginning of the Argent Tournament, a Red dragon arrived there seeking him. He learned that Eluunah was attacked by a Frostwyrm on her way to see him, and was being healed at Wyrmrest. The dragon brought him there, and he saw Eluunah sitting near the edge of the platform. He approached, and heard a small cry from something she was holding. Eluunah, had given birth, several months early, to a healthy baby girl, Aluuh. According to her, Alexstrasza and a member of the Bronze dragonflight used their power to save both Eluunah and the unborn Aluuh. In order to save Aluuh, the Bronze dragon would need to age Eluunah enough for her to give birth. Alexstrasza healed both Eluunah and Aluuh, before granting her blessing on the child. Aluuh however, would be affected in such a way that her growth was accelerated immensely by the Bronze dragon's magic, and she grew into a young adult within a month.

Sekanai is currently fighting in Northrend alongside the Argent Crusade. Aluuh is also there tending to the wounded. In the most recent weeks, Sekanai's hair has finally begun to grey, and his ability to fight is slowly deminishing, his body finally realising how old it is.

He refuses to retire from fighting, at least until he feels that life for his family is at a greater peace.



Shu'ku is Sekanai's loyal Nightsaber.


Sovereign is Sekanai's latest companion, a massive Red scaled Proto Drake. He was presented to Sekanai after aiding the Wyrmrest Accord immensely throughout the entirety of the Northrend Trek.


Buckwing is Sekanai's most known and recognised companion. He is a large Hippogryph, and over the many battles he has seen, he has only one antler and scarred battle armour.


Tirastrasza was the first dragon Sekanai encountered in Northrend, protecting her from the Scourge in Dragonblight. Since then, she has taken a liking to him, and aids him whenever he calls. Whenever she disguises with magic, she takes the form of a female High Elf named Tira.


Though not a permanent companion, Rejildormu has aided Sekanai when he travels into the Caverns of Time. When he disguises himself, he takes the form of a male Gnome named Reji.


Myst is the newest companion to Sekanai, and is often very shy around him. She is a rare albino drake, and was aided in the Storm Peaks when she was taken captive by the Iron Dwarves. She usually seems to be nearby him, and has made friends with Sekanai's daughter, Aluuh. Whenever she uses her magic to disguise herself, she becomes a pale skinned, thin bodied human female, with long white hair. She changes her name slightly to Mysty when she takes this form.

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Ashecroft's theme songs;Edit

Endeverafter- No more words

Breaking Benjamin- I will not Bow

Skillet- Hero