Collection of fiction written about Selhma, before her rebirth as a death knight, by user:p3a. Being wikified whenever she has time - for more up-to-date fiction on Selhma, see Selhma's Dream and Selhma's Notes.

19th June 2008Edit

Selhma chirped. She did that a lot, really. She skipped merrily, if lop-sidedly, down the path into Thelsamar, singing an old folk tune that her mother had taught her - ignoring the slight Looks she was getting from the guards.

She liked adventuring. It was fun. She got to hit things, and help people, and make them smile, and see the pretty angel - which she liked - on a regular basis. She didn't mind being hit, because it didn't hurt very much anyway, and if it happened too often she'd only have to see the angel again - and then she could go back, get up, and try again until she succeeded.

Her mother had spoken about the angel once or twice. She had said that the angel healed you, but one day it wouldn't heal you and you'd go and be with the Light instead. Selhma didn't think this sounded too bad.

She smiled cheerily at the inkeeper. "Hello there! My name's Selhma, what's yours?" "Uhm... miss... are you, uh... okay?" "Yep! Why?" "You're, um. Bleeding all over the floor." Selhma looked down. "Oh, so I am! Heehee, you know, I didn't even notice. Your shirt is pretty, where did you get it?" "Um... miss... I really think you ought to put a bandage on your leg... and, er, maybe lie down..." "It'll be fin--"

As Selhma began to say this, her leg shook dangerously underneath her weight, threatening to give way. The large rend through her shin wasn't proving healthy for it.

"Uhm, yes, maybe I should..."

23rd June 2008Edit

Selhma woke up in a fairly generic-looking Dwarven inn room. She tried to sit up, but found herself unable to due to the fact that the arm she asked to prop her up was in a sling.

She sighed lightly, and sat up on the other arm, looking down at herself. The fact the blankets were covering her didn't really help, but she could at least determine that all the correct appendages, and no extra ones which had been stuck into her ad-hoc, were there. There was, however, a dull ache in one of her legs, and a slight tinge in the other where it had been bleeding before. She moved her more painful leg slightly, waking it up - she could feel that it was encased in slightly damp bandages.

Selhma Lightgizmo couldn't quite remember what had happened before, but that was usually the case, so she wasn't phased. She would have remembered if she'd've taken herself here, she was sure. So something must have happened, and someone rescued her.

She then looked around the room. She could see her sword (in its scabbard) and shield slung over the hook on the back of the door. She could see her chainmail set out neatly on the floor - she slowly became aware of the fact she was wearing her shirt (with its sleeves rolled up) and civilian trousers. Her backpack was on the floor next to the bed, its contents spilt onto the floor next to it. Nobody was there.

"Hello? Anybody there?"

She paused, then sighed again.

"Hello? I'm awake, is there somebody there?"

23rd June 2008Edit

"I don't know either. You weren't awake when I found you." "Was I dead? I don't remember being dead." "No, unconscious. I think you fell down a ravine." "Oh... heehee, that was silly of me!" "Yes, it was. Now hold still whilst I take the stones out."

Selhma whimpered as the gnome with the black bunchies began removing the small pieces of gravel in the nasty gash across her thigh. Said gnome then picked up a pot of green gel, and opened it. It smelt of alcohol.

"Don't scream." "Okay, but can I know your name first before you put me in crippling pain?" "My name's Kalaena, now be quiet. Can you hold still?" "How still?" "I have to put stitches in; I warn you they'll be quite messy, but it'll hold the wound closed. Do you handle it better tipsy? I know some do." "Um..."

Kalaena Goldletter stood up, walked over to the dresser, opened the drawer and widthdrew a bottle of Darkmoon Special Reserve. She handed it to Selhma. "Drink." Selhma looked up at Kalaena, wide-eyed, and slowly took the flask. Watching Kalaena carefully, she downed its contents. Its effects could be seen immediately.

"Now, please hold still." Kalaena went into her hip-pouch, and took out a needle, and some surgical thread. She set it down by the salve, then picked the pot up, and began smoothing it onto the injury. When she was finished, she picked the needle and thread back up.

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