Upon resurrectionEdit

My name's Selhma! Yay, I still have my name! And these are the things I have got to do:

  • Keep singing, because it makes me happy
  • Make people see that both Flashwit and I are nice now, and even the King says so! Yay, the King's back! The nice King. The nasty King is still nasty and I want him to go away.
  • Work out whether we're dead or alive or both or neither, preferably with rigorous scientific testing
  • Work out if I am dreaming or if Flash is dreaming. If so, whose dream it is, and to try and stop them waking up for as long as possible - because if they wake up we will lose each other, and seeing as got this far together I'm not about to let that happen.
  • Ride dragons again!
  • Help Flash redeem innocents. One fel cannon equals five innocents saved. One little demon is three, one big demon is seven. Red orcs are ten each. Green orcs are NOT NASTY and shouldn't be killed. At least they're not nasty all the time. If they hit us first then it's okay, because the nice King says so! Well, sort of. He actually said we should kill them all but that's silly.
  • Get an Athanatoi guild tabard, because I asked someone from there if I could join and they said yes! Now I just have to persuade them I deserve a tabard too. I think I've always wanted to join them!

I might add more things soon!

5th May 09Edit

Hi again! I said I might add more things! And right now I need to...

  • Ride a dragon again. Because that was fun!
  • See if I can get a blue glowy thing to go in my tummy so I can fly.
  • Look after my Mechanostrider! I got a Mechanostrider!
  • I don't think I'm dreaming, but it would be nice to know. Maybe I woke up? I haven't seen Flash in a while...
  • Ask someone why my guild tabard turned black.
  • Get my finger to stick on again properly.
  • Make the Nasty King go away properly.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Remember that it's not OK to eat everything you kill! Some things taste nasty. Like red orcs.

Okay, I think that's it for now. Byee!

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