Shahri'azni'nek Shatterspear Edit

Physical Traits Edit

Shahis' is in his good thirties, but scarred and worn out by coundless wounds, that are now gone due to his racial regeneration ability. The body itself is natural blue and tusks are long and well-shaped, but more rough than smooth. The tip of his left ear is missing. Both ears are pieced, and his skin is rough and uneven.

Shahra'azni'nek is a primal. Long, yellow and crooked claws is found where his nails would usually be, his hands are furred amoungst several other spots on his body. Teeth are replaced with sharp, feral fangs. The skin coating his body is alot thicker than a typical troll would have. It is rumored that he rapidly grows in feriousity in combat and his claws grows in size, while the fur found various places on his body thickens.

Race and Class Edit

Jungle Troll, Horde Ex-Stalker, Battle Veteran, Frostwolf Ex-commander, Shatterspear Primal, Primalistic Beserker of the Horde.  

Guild Edit

The Shatterspear Tribe, The Horde.

Occupation Edit

Fighting feriously for the Horde. He is equipped with only a spear and scale mail, yet he is well-respected for killing countless of enemies in war.

Close family members Edit

He got no real family, but several adopted familymembers: A mother, a sister, a brother and a twin.

Background. Edit

Shahra'azni'nek Shatterspear was born in Stranglethorn Vale, in a vile tribe known as Bloodscalp.

He fled from this barbarian tribe, and found himself captured by the Darkspear, and brought to Sen'jin Village, where he was 'adobted' by a kind female, who was just a couple of years older than him. But as war came, he was equipped and sent to war, where he fought feriously and forgot everything about his mother.

He climbed the ranks, and became a lieutenant-commander of the Frostwolves, one-of-a-kind. But he retired, and went to the 'peaceful' place of Silvermoon City to live out a peaceful life.

That wasn't what happened there. He was forced into slavery, and only by luck and help of a friend, he managed to break free, and was contacted by a member of 'The Essence' (Now the Remnants of the Essence), which he joined for the greater glory and wealth. But this 'job' made him slightly mad, as he fough many, many fights and carried out tortures. He became mentally diseased, and this gave him the uncontrolled ability to go 'click' - complete rage.

He joined the remnants as the network was split up. He didn't stay for long, and left with the Bloodsail Admiral. Here he stayed with a smaller group of sailors for a couple of months before leaving again and entering another rogue network, this being a mercenary guild (C.O.I.N.). He was thrown out as he began to grow feral (Or more specefic, growing Primal, see section above), and attacked several allies.

For a long time, he was on his own and living in Silvermoon City. He found his love here (Mahria), which he had a longer relation ship with.

He became a father to a son, who weakened his heart. But then, as he found a normad group of trolls and joined them, he lost contact with his love and son.

This broke his heart, sending him into another rampage, which resulted in the death of the tribe's healer. He was banished to Northrend for a week. That trip strenghened him and made his heart solid - again.

He left himself, and was back in Silvermoon City, now very remote and cold. Keep in mind, that previously mentioned rampage made him even more feral; His spirit united with a feral one, strenghening him greatly, but made him more brutish. He even started to grow longer nails on hands and feet, and his hair growed in size and thickness with great speed.

He was ambushed by a Blood Elf in Eversong, who defeated him and dragged him to Darkshore, where she left him to die.

But he was found by a Shatterspear hunter, who brought Shahis back to her tribe. Here, he was healed and he swiftly recovered, and got another family consisting of a mother, a brother, a sister and a twin.

But he had lost his memory, and grew more feral.

He lost his previous job, rejoining the Horde Army as a primalist warrior - the most feared unit in the army.

After several battles, he reached the point where he is more beastial than troll. Long, yellow claws shot out of his six fingers, and black fur grew out of the area between elbow and hands. His teeth is deformed into sharp fangs and his mood is always furious, and he is therefore feared by most normal-minded humanoids.

Including Blood Elves.

Family Background Edit

His original family was wiped out by adventures a month after Shahra'azni'nek escaped. But before that, they were known for unseen brutallity, matching the one that the Hakkari tribe is known for. His mother was a well-respected headhunter and his father was the current chieftain.

Criminal Record Edit

The list is long and not for the faint-hearted. But the most obvious crimes was following: Brutal torture, sinister murder and kidnapping.

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