A story written by Eyel that tells of Azeroth's most infamous Gnome criminal: Giszle G. VanWheelz and his band of thugs.

Full Synopsis Edit

"Right lads, meet at the Pig in five".

It was late in the evening, the sun had set for a couple of hours already and the Cathedral bells had tolled ten times not long ago. Giszle sniffed the air around him, sitting on the barrel in front of the Pig 'n' Whistle Inn. The smell off beer, dust and stone. The smell of Stormwind. Apperantly he missed it more than he had thought. But tonight he made his return and soon everyone would know about.

Waiting for the others to arrive he prepared himself for tonight's adventure. He looked in his backpack for a matching piece of cloth. Even though he might be doing a "dirty job" there was no reason to not have a good matching outfit. Half smiling he pulled out a green piece of cloth and bound it so it covered his face.

Only moment later he gets tapped on the shoulder. "Ello boss.."
Turning around the Gnome reckognises the voice.
"Ah, Whit. Good ta see ya. Ya ready?"
The human nods and remains silent while Giszle goes on inspecting his daggers. Glimpsing quickly at his underling he sighs at the clear misfit of clothes. A blue cowl and a dark leather breastplate and greaves.

After a few minutes two Dwarves walk towards the duo. The one wearing only a black shirt and matching trousers and beard. The other wearing mostly red looking clothes and a black cowl.
"George and Abbott, good ya've come. So we're complete then?"
"No boss, we miss Thomps."
"Aye, but he should be 'ere soon"
"Hmm right then".

While George and Whit catch up with some gossip, Giszle shares his plans with Abbott. The scruffy Dwarf nods and grins, showing his black teeth, barely visable underneath his already black exterior.

"Oh boss, there ya have him." Whit points at a bald Human, dressed in rags coming around the corner.
"So ya be Thompkins then eh?"
"Roit, but everyone calls me, loik, Thommy. Are you, loik, the boss?"

The Gnome nods and beckons everyone over.
"Tanight we'll be makin some "friends" along them Canals. Abs and Snipe ya go visit the old winetrader, near the Mages District."
The human and the scruffy, black Dwarf nod.
"Me, George ..and Thommy will visit them clothier near the Cathedral Bridge. We'll meet up there again."

After some explaining, multiple times interupted by questions from Thommy, the group sets out.
Abbott and Gehax arrive at the Wine trader.
"Oi gotta light?" Abs looks at the human showing a cigar.
"Feck, ah well.." He sighs as he quickly flashes the cigar through a burning torch.
He blows a big puff of smoke."Right, so let's 'socialise'."

At the same time the other three arrive at the tailor's shop.
"G. ya'll keep watch, me and Thommy will deal with tis one" Giszle orders and motions Thompkins to enter.
"Evenin' ladies." Giszle says and nods at the two ladies behind the counter.
Thomkins looks around.
"Boss, can I have, loik, a fancy shirt?"
"Sure ya can, I hope the ladies wouldn't mind?"
He grins wickedly.
While Thommy is nosing through the bolts of cloth and shirts, Giszle directs his attention to the shopkeepers.
"So now, this be an enterprising business?"
The older looking woman nods lightly.
"Really? Well I'd hope it'll stay that way.. I mean in a town like this..Anything could happen.."
"Yeah boss, he's roit! Loik there are dangerous people, roit?"

The Gnome nods. "Yes Thommy there are dangerous people out here. And I'd hate to see that pretty face off ya be broken." He smiles meanly at the younger woman, cracking his knuckles.
"Wouldn't want that now, would we?"
The younger female shakes her head quickly and glances at her mother, who seems to be uncertain wether to be angry or scared.
"Well we could make sure it wouldn't happen ta ya..We could help ya out, like friends.." He wrings his hands together.
"So me and ma good friend, will be payin' a visit soon; see how you are doin' and collect a little reward for our friendship. 'Cause that what good friends do, give eachother rewards.."
"Boss I can't, loik, find a fancy shirt!"
"No worries, Thom, we'll be back here soon, perhaps they'll have sumthing fer ya then."
Giszle looks meaningfull at the women.
"Well..goodnight ladies.."

Back on the street they meet back with Abbott and Whit.
"How'd it go?"
"We had ta break a few bottles to get ta message over."
"Hehe, right, last visit is the herbshop at the end."

The five walk off into the dark corners of the Canals.

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