Shandiss Shedare Bloodfury
The Slayer
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Sin'Dorei
Faction Horde
Health Good one
Level High threat level
Status Alive
Location Unknown


Shandiss Shedare Bloodfury (declined family name Sunfury)

Crew calls her 'Fimble'

Herself she names Kira'h Shade, the Slayer


Tall agile elf – she moves with cat swiftness, sometimes it is so hard to hear her steps. But you will, if she will let to. She is well trained – body of a rogue with long time of practise.Sharp face features, pale skin, covered with scars – short, long, deep or just from scratches. One scar is crossing her right cheek – going down from right eyebrow. Raven-black hair, burned out eyes – always covered with black eyeband, not depending of – wears she goggles or not. It is a big mistake, to think she is blind. She have different vision, indeed, but isn't blind. Missing both ears tips, so ears now look more like humans ones. Also have a tattoo of the wolf with serpent fangs on her right shoulder.


Bloodsail Elite

Race and classEdit

Blood Elf Rogue / Demon Hunter


Grand Master Engineer


Father deceased during Second War, so she have grown up with mother and named sister only. shade was just a normal child, without any interesting abilities or talents. During the Scourge invasion on Quel'Thalas, she was left alone and thought, that mother forgot about her. Thelimeie, insane arcanist that used to be a friend of family, survived with Shan, hiding in secret room of library in their house.

Meie was a trouble – she always found problems on her head, so only chance to get rid off her was to find Meie something to do - and ex-arcanist found herself interested in fel magics in warlock's chamber.

Now as Shade was free from watching after one insane person, she had a lot of time, that she used to learn how to steal – and kill later. In few years she knew every street, every safe place in Silvermoon.

Living with Meie made of her somehow cruel and cold person. From Meie she took some kind of perversion – for sure Shade is not a normal person.

When she and Crepitas Black were wanted in Silvermoon city ( C. Black for killing someone, and she for assisting him to hide ) - Shade left city and was missing a long time. Rumors say, that she lived with trolls in Stranglethorn Vale. True it is or not, can't say for sure, but as longer people know her, the more they believe it.

First of all it is her strange shifting into shadows, that makes her look like mature panther, made of shadows, with glowing golden eyes. Other thing is cannibalistic lust – someone said, that have seen her eating ears of slayed enemies.

When city council declined wanted information, she came back to Silvermoon, where she eventually met Admiral Quincy Lyon – and somehow tried to help him, acting against law and morals. From that very moment he became a Master to her. If there is something important to her – it is crew and Admiral first of all.

She proved herself as one of the most loyal members and became a second mate. After some while she took demon hunter's initiation and practised her mastery in this way.

Some time ago she was known as deceased, due to encounter in Silithus, but lately people can see her wandering around the cities again - was her death fake or it's wonders of rebirth, remains a mystery.


« There's no masters, who can make glaive, that will serve you for long time. They were, but there is none left - most of them deceased, others are against us. But we still need weapons, that will be different from all their kind. Weapons, that will serve us as a tool of demon slaying. And we can forge these ourselves. »



Kyr'Serrar, Blade of Perdition

« I have forged it to serve me well...To fight Fire with Fire. And Kyr fullfills it's destination.»

Forged of arcanite and remnants of the Fire Lord essence, this weapon looks not as usual dagger could - more like randomly hardened ore. But it have sharp serrated blade, enchanted with blood of demon Rakh'likh, with his essence, imprisoned in dagger. Can only guess, what feel victims of this dagger - wounds get affected with all hate and fel powers of imprisoned demon.



Sin'Serrar, Blood Blade, the Thunders' Fury

« The essence-blade can be wielded by one Master only - in order to obtain one from other person, you might slay it's Master and tame the blade for yourself. And hope it won't burn your soul on attempt.»

« I tamed this blade to be finally completed myself.»

It is a vicious sword, crafted from elementium and containing a crackling electrical core. The hilt is unusually long, wrapped in black dragon hide, and srudded with small spikes of black dragon bone. Blade itself is englyphed with runes, that are actually names of it's previous masters.



Xyr'Thor, The Demon's Fury

« Every blade that is aimed at the demon, shall carry one within itself.»

Twin-blade to Kyr'Serrar, forged of felsteel and enchanted with essence of the void crystals. This dagger contains mix of demonic essences and so far is one of the main weapons, that Shade uses for gaining power of another slain demon.


Astha (Azshande) Silverleaf – mother, alive, also known as Telina Sunfury .

Aelron Sunfury – father, deceased.

Noell Bloodfury – named sister, currently known as deceased.

Criminal recordsEdit

Theft – citizens belongings, important documents.

Murders – citizens, nobles, council members, guards.


« Your Light is nothing. There is Nether only and it will consume everything, like Fire.»

« Those, who call our (Demons Hunters) sacrifice a betray of humanity – are just fools, who fear to fight Fire with Fire.»

« Can't be Light without Shadows, as can't be Shadow without a Light. These just can't be something great 'couse of it – Nether overcomed everything. 'couse Twisting Nether is Nothing and only exists.»

See alsoEdit

Curse of the Silithus

Triangle means Loyalty

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