Physical Traits Edit

Well-built to serve his role, heavy frostbite scarring around his eyes where his facemask allowed ice to build up during the Northrend wars.

Race and Class Edit

Blood Elf Blood Knight (Paladin)

Guild Edit

The Sunfire Vanguard

Occupation Edit

Blood Knight Master

Centurion of the Sunfire Vanguard

Family Edit

Parents presumed lost during the Scourge invasion. The closest Sithren has to a family is his partner, Ciathra Aldirath.

Background Edit

A ruthlessly professional and unswervingly loyal Blood Knight, Sithren Strifeheart is what many could call a 'product of the system'. Having been submitted to extensive mind re-education by the Sun Priests at least once since the beginning of his career as a Blood Knight, Sithren will zealously execute the directives and the mandates of his Order. This zeal is tempered with a healthy dose of dark humour, and Sithren will often voice his opinion to his superiors - but it stops there.

The Bazaar Incident Edit

The reason Sithren serves as the commander of the ill-looked-upon Sunfire Vanguard. Sithren was the commanding officer of an enforcement force of Spell Breakers and Blood Knights given the order to control a rioting group of citizens during the turbulent transition period immediately after the elves secured their city. Sithren gave his men the order to charge the rioting crowd. This uncompromising lack of mercy and ability to perform 'what is necessary' has marked Sithren out as able to control the mob that comprises his regiment.

Service Record Edit

Swordsman of the Silvermoon Light Infantry.

Spell Breaker during the Amani Border Conflicts, served through the Scourge invasion and thereafter as part of the Sunfury army under Kael'thas.

Served in the assault on Tempest Keep.

Became Blood Knight after the capture of the Naaru.

Made Centurion of the Sunfire Vanguard.

Personal Notes Edit

Page is still very much a work in progress.

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