Skarauga Whitecloud

Skarauga (sometimes spelt Skarrauga) was Verdauga's uncle, they lived with each other in camp Mirkfallon and Verdauga knew him all his life. They experienced the civil war in Stonetalon between the Darkclouds and the Whiteclouds and moved with each other into the Barrens. Skarauga was a Warrior and the two had a great bond, despite the fact that Skarauga was usually always miserable. He was the older brother of Skorn Whitecloud and chief of the Whitecloud tribe until his death, when Skorn took over from him. He found a dagger one day in the barrens, it had been dug up by Skorn's pet Hyena. For unknown reasons he killed himself with it a few weeks later. The family assumed he had become more depressed from the Centaur marauding, and he had always been rather unhappy. Verdauga used to wear the dagger, its grounding powers helped subdue evil spirits and when Verdauga eventually discarded it one day it he became vulnerable to the whispers of Yogg-Saron. It could be seen that the dagger was titan made due to its warding powers against Old God whispers.

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