200px-Skorn Whitecloud

In roleplay on the Sha'tar Skorn Whitecloud is Verdauga's father. Verdauga does not speak of his relationship with his father, it is rather frosty. Skorn is very old, perhaps even older then Cairne. Verdauga secretly wishes he would hurry up and die so he could inherit his vast collection of antique spearheads. They are never rude to each other face to face, as is the Tauren way. Verdauga does have respect for his father as they wandered much among each others company in the years of living in Stonetalon to the Barrens, and then finally Mulgore. But Verdauga changed much as a travelling adventurer and they drifted apart. Ironically the two of them not getting along is a reflection of the relationship Verdauga had with his son Ulbaz. Skorn looks after Verdauga's brown kodo, Pumpernickel, and is said to be having a relationship with the stable girl, Seikwa. Skorn's mate (and Verdauga's mother) was Rowena Whitecloud who died in a Kodo riding accident just north of Taurajo some years ago.

Quotes Edit

Greetings. There is an air about you that tells me much. Do we have business, you and I? You are eager to explore, I can tell. I too had the lust to wander, once... Wander, and hunt. For hunting is a Tauren's greatest honor. If you truly wish to follow the ways of the hunter, then Melor Stonehoof can show you the path. He is in Thunder Bluff, on the Hunter's Rise. And to show him your skill and resolve, bring him the claws of the flatland prowlers of Mulgore. They are tough and cunning -- fitting prey for a young one on the hunter's path. - Skorn

Skorn Whitecloud is a wise Tauren. He has hunted for years and years, and although his body is old, his spirit burns fiercely. We are honored to have him with us. If Skorn sent you to me, then you too must have the hunter's spirit. And to have gathered these claws shows your burgeoning skills. Perhaps you are ready to walk the path. - Melor Stonehoof

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