Skrag Grimscull
Vital statistics
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Occupation: Warrior of the Horde
Faction: Horde
Family Assumed deceased.

"I am an immortal warrior of the Horde. Should I fall in battle, my strength will live on in every axe a brother swings, my voice will echo in every brother's battlecry, my rage will burn in their hearts and my vengence exacted in the spilt blood of our enemies."

Physical Traits Edit

Grimscull stands at an intimidating 8'4 and is burly even by orcish standards. This aging orc's body is a network of scars, ocasional blotches of ink indicate that he once had several tatoos. His armour is battle scarred and worn but well maintained and decorated with small trophies cut or torn from fallen foes.

Early Years Edit

Skrag was inducted in the ways of war from an early age and taught that to uphold the glory of the Horde was the most important thing he could do with his life. When Grim was barely old enough to bear arms he and his clan were forced to flee through the portal into Azeroth to escape the collapse of Draenor. He did not get much chance to savor this new world as he and his clansmen where quickly rounded up and put into internment camps by the overwhelming Alliance forces.

The Third War Edit

He spent
Skrag Wolfrider4

Skrag serving as a wolf rider.

many years watching his people suffer as prisoners of the Alliance who treated them little better than animals. One day word began to spread about a new War Chief said to freeing his people from interment camps and uniting them into a new horde. Grim was eager to once again join battle and fight for the glory of the Horde and when the camp was finally liberated he joined the Raiders like his fathers before him. During the war against the Burning Legion, Grim was truly tested as a warrior and his skill grew with each battle. At the end of the war Grim's battle group were caught in an ambush and they were decimated and only a few escaped with their lives. Grim suffered a severe head injury and was in a coma for three days lying in a shallow ditch underneath the corpse of his once mighty mount. When he came too his mind was broken and most of his memory gone.

The intermediate years. Edit

He wandered the land doing work as a sell sword to feed him self. Eventually he was recruited into a mysterious sea faring cult who spread death and destruction where ever they went. After several years the cult collapsed in on itself due to internal conflict and Grim was once again left without refuge. A blood elf who also survived the cults collapse, saw the usefullness of having an orc watching his back took Grim in and together they traveled through much of Azeroth working as mercenaries spending what they thier wages in Inns. Eventually they parted ways, the elf wanted to return to his homeland to after recieving word that their king has gone to Outland. Grim continued his bloody work for who ever payed him.

The Burning Crusade Edit

Around a year later his blood elf friend once again contacted Grim seeking his aid. Grim once again

Hated Brothers

fought alongside his old ally. His friend's wife was at first horrified by Grim's brutal behaviour then when she learned of his injuries decided to try and help. After many months of treatment Skrag could think clearly for the first time in years. It was like coming out of a dream. Grim felt a great shame for his behavior during his illness and went straight to Ogrimmar to once again serve the horde and make up for his dishonorable past. {C}When he crossed through the Dark Portal and saw what demonic corruption did to his brethen, he took up training with the Aldor to combat demons whom he now hated with a burning passion. Every moment in Outland he spent hunting down as many demons as he could, but his burning hatered was never sated.

War in the North and the Cataclysm Edit

When the Horde set sail to battle the Lich King, Skrag volenteered to stay behind and watch over the Horde's territories. While he did not see as much battle as he would have if he went to the North, he found his work enjoyable defending the weak was honorable work. When the Alliance march into the Barrens he took it as a personal insult. When Deathwing ripped the world apart it drove him futher to a new level of rage. Ever since he has been meting out his revenge on Alliance forces who still remain in the Barrens.

Invasion of Pandaria Edit

The Warchief issued a call to arms to take the battle agaisnt the Alliance to a new and unknown land Grim eagerly answered. He set join the Dominance Offensive and set of with the fleet keen to claim this new land for the Horde with the spilled blood of any soldier of the Alliance to stand in his way. The next few battle filled months he spend prowling the Karasang wilds engaging any enemy forces he came across. During a recent engagement he obtained a near fatal injury, but was brought back to Dominance Point with the hope that healers there may be able to save his life.