Crom Skullsmasher Edit

Warchief of the Shadow Fang Clan, Grand Master of the Order of the Argent Sun, Drinker of Ale

Physical Traits Edit

Gigantic and ugly, even for an Orc, Crom Skullsmashers body shows the signs of a lifetime of conflict, whether against the alliance, the Worgen infesting Shadowfang keep, the Undead Scourge or even other bar patrons. Skullsmasher is about as broad as he is tall, barrel chested and dark green, with only a hint of red showing where his Fell corruption once was

Race and Class Edit

Crom Skullsmasher is an Orc Warrior, though he likes to think of his class as "Ladies man and drinker of fine ales"

Guild Edit

He currently holds the title of Grand Master in the Order of the Argent Sun, though he has also lead Orc raiders of the Shadow Fang Clan and held affiliations in other guilds most notably the Orcs of the Severed Head where he began his rise to power.

Occupation Edit

When not mining precious metals to forge armour from Crom Skullsmasher likes to have a drink.....a lot of drink. So much drink in fact that he has re-appeared several times into the world, bleary eyed and grey and been mistaken for an extremely large member of the forsaken. This isn't the case, his supposed deaths are usually down to him being trapped within various beer cellars the world over.

Family Edit

None known.

Background Edit

Skully began as most Orcs do, in the Den learning his chosen trade. It was around this time he was recruited into the Severed Head Tribe where he learned the great Orc traits of killing, drinking and terrible speech patterns. It was during one such killer/drinker mission in the Severed Heads that he first fell foul of the many beer cellars to be found within Azeroth and was thought lost for a long time. However after some time (the alcohol supply may or may not have dried up) Skully emerged from the cellar, hungover, to find a group of Elves and Gnomes in the room he just stumbled into. A few seconds later the building was on fire and Skully was cleaning his axe.

Several heroic adventures later he enlisted the aid of a Warlock to help clean out Shadow Fang Keep so that he could rule it himself. This task was successful but the warlock placed a curse on the keep that meant it's Worgen residents would constantly rise again to strike at Skullsmasher. Skully, of course, made the best of a bad situation and formed the Shadow Fang Clan. A group of Orcs (with a few trolls and tauren and one elf who thought she was an Orc) based in the Shadow Fang Keep and striking at their newest neighbours the Gryphonheart Empire. Once again Skully may have fallen into a beer-cellar-trap and was lost to the world yet again.

However, rumours emerged that a red-skinned Orc, similar in appearance to the Legendary Skullsmasher, started circulating. Indeed, our hero had become a Fel Orc and spent some time rampaging across the world before being stopped by an alliance of the greatest minds the Horde had to offer.

In order to atone for his crimes Skullsmasher dedicated his life to the cause of the Argent Dawn, forming the Order of the Argent Sun. Shortly after this he once again disappeared.

Rumours abound though, that an exceptionally large Orc once again roams the empty places of Azeroth. Has Crom Skullsmasher come back to assist his people in what could be their darkest hour?

Quotes Edit

  • "Get to ze HOGGAAAAH!!"
  • "Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs!"
  • "Where is your Essence now?"
  • "Oh no! DWARF!!!! I'll take my chances!" (before jumping off a high ledge)

Criminal Record Edit

He is permanently banned from setting foot inside Silvermoon City as the Elves who inhabit that fair place are far too delicate for the effect he has one the place.

Alignment Edit

Chaotic Good - Chaotic good characters are strong indivualists marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence. They believe in all the virtues of goodness and right, but they have little use for laws and regulations. They have no use for people who "try to push folk around and tell them what to do." Their actions are guided by their own moral compass which, although good, may not always be in perfect agreement with the rest of society.

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