Name Edit

Leonar Solarstar-Ashecroft

Physical TraitsEdit

He has chest length silver hair, and has varying eye colours (Blue for his right, green for his left)

Race and ClassEdit

Half-Blood Elf, Half-Night Elf Hunter




Leonar seems unwanting to pick up a career, so his true ambitions are kept secret

Family Edit

Father: Ev'ande Solarstar (Blood Elf)

Mother: Tierriel Solarstar-Ashecroft (Night Elf)

Companion: Shuku (Black wolf)


Born to a Quel'dorei father and a Kaldorei mother, Leonar sees himself as an outcast because of his racial background, even though he is still seen as a loyal Elf of Quel'thalas. He never truly remembers his mother, due to her moving back to Kalimdor because of her father. He longs to be able to meet her, to know how she would see him. He is always seen around his companion Shuku, a black wolf, unusual to be seen in Quel'thalas.

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