''Wizards are like children playing in the sand; they draw their designs, build their castles and call themselves kings. Then the waves come and sweep it all aside. Me? I am the ocean"

- an anonymous Sorcerer

Introduction to the Sorcerer Edit

Jace beleren art by aleski briscot

Jace Beleren by Aleski Briscot (co. Wizards of the Coast)

Sorcerers (also spelled sorcerors) own great talent for arcane spellcasting, but they have not harnessed it through the intensive training that wizards pursue. Most people do not make a distinction between sorcerers and wizards, although the latter may often refer to the former as hedge wizards or some other term.

Night elves bear a particular dislike for sorcerers, seeing them as vessels of demonic power. Wizards, at least, attempt to manipulate arcane power through controlled processes, rather than letting their own bodies act as conduits.

Sorcerers can come from any race. Night elves who takes this class are stripped of their racial heritage, effectively transforming into high elves, although they do not physically change.WRPG 56-57

The Sorcerer's League was one of three factions within Dalaran during Third War that attempted to defend the city.

In World of Warcraft, sorcerers can be found all over the world of Azeroth in many zones. (All taken from WoWiki)

Difference between Wizard and Sorcerer (in RP)

The Sorcerers' magic is innate, instinctive, raw power channelled through their bodies and directed by the force of their imagination and passion. As written in the D&D Player's Handbook: "Sorcerers create magic the way a poet creates poems, with inborn talent honed by practice". A Mage RPing a Sorcerer might have some unusual heritage, like a very distant dragon ancestor.

Wizard magic on the other hand is a skill acquired, knowledge gained, power earned, not given. A a Wizards' spellcast is the act of pulling a lever in the machine of the universe that through a precisely calculated chain of cause and effect will end in the desired consequence that, while appearing to defy the normal laws of physics, is consistent with a set of "higher" laws. A Sorcerer just takes a bit of the untapped power and shapes it to his will.

Of course, no one says there is no middle path. One can roleplay being able to channel unknowable energies while being an expert in the inner workings of magic, combining the Wizard and Sorcerer into a unified whole.

High Elf Sorcerer Edit

High elves are renowned for their magic, and on the battlefield, elven sorcerers often accompany Alliance troops into the thick of the fray. Although not physically powerful, the skill and bravery of these elves is beyond dispute. The elven sorcerer prefers to serve as part of a group, preferably in the rear with a few people to guard them. Mana shield is deployed to provide additional protection, while spells like slow and invisibility support their allies. (Alliance Player's Guide — A World of Warcraft RPG source book.)

The path of the [class]Edit

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Mage - Particularly specs that are less "ordered" and more chaotic in nature such as Fire, pure Arcane or Frostfire.
  • Warlock - Destruction specced, preferably Fire with demons unsummoned when RPing.
  • Priest - Possibly Shadowpriest if they are being considered an arcane rather than divine spellcaster.

Sorcerers of The Sha'tar Edit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

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