Farren Sprangler is one of three triplets born to Kall and Lowdan. She has shown a talent for stealing, even at such a young age, and has had Pixel Glimmerstone take a liking to her.

Birth and Family Edit

She was born on December 15th 2007, along with her two triplets. Her family include:

Zizzleclank Thermoblix also helps look after her.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Even as a young child, Farren had developed a distinct personality.

Likes Edit

  • Shiny things. Farren has an uncanny habit for seemingly being able to pick your pocket from half-way across the room. Her skills will probably seem to get less so as she gets older, as she will be bigger and more noticeable.
  • Pixel Glimmerstone. Pixel is an accomplished thief and enjoys giving Farren hints and tips.
  • Winter's Veil - because it has lots of shiny things in it.

Dislikes Edit

  • Having things that she's stolen taken back off her.
  • Being hungry. She cries louder than any of her siblings if she's short of food.
  • Too much magic. She gets uncomfortable when sat next to Farshala, and sometimes when next to Zizzleclank Thermoblix, though lesser concentrations don't seem to bother her.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Farren is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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