Wallpaper featuring Farshala, made by P-3a.

Farshala Sprangler-Darksprocket is a female member of the Sprangler-Darksprocket clan of gnomes. She is Kall's half-sister, and is in the legal custody of Kall, Lowdan and Zizzleclank. She has a natural affinity to all sorts of magic due to a ritual performed by her father, Axel Darksprocket, in association with Tenebrais.

Family Edit

By blood Edit

By legal/social terms Edit

History Edit

Farshala was born on the 24th March 2007 to Axel Darksprocket and Belladonna Darksprocket. The day after she was born, a complicated ritual - under the direct supervision of Tenebrais - was performed on her. It magically reassigned large proportions of her brain towards connecting with the five different schools of magic and their aspects - Nature (and Fel), Light (and Shadow), Arcane (and its corruptive aspects), Fire, and Frost.

Kall - her half-sister - soon came to know of her existance and, with the help of Edwin Bronzeback and his family, stole her away from her natural parents. This was because she had discovered that they had been planning to sacrifice her in order to summon a very powerful demon to Azeroth.

Present Day Edit

Farshala was looked after by the Bronzebacks until September 2007, when Kall had prepared a nursery at her house in Tanaris. Farshala has lived in that house ever since. She has taken a distinct liking to the Arcane school of magic, and can cast very basic spells, even since she is so young. If she grows up, she may become a skilled mage.

At various points, Pixel Glimmerstone and - more recently - Zizzleclank Thermoblix have taken a liking to her. Zizzleclank, along with Kall and Lowdan, now looks after her. Farshala is being brought up with the triplets - Farren, Lowen, and Farlynna - as siblings.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Farshala is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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