Sruulum is Kall's felhound. It is a puppy - it is gender-neutral, but is usually referred to as a he. He is exciteable, barks a lot, licks mages whenever he can, and is rather endearing.


Sruulum. Sometimes shortened to Sruu, as in "Sruu! Get off that poor mage's shoulders NOW!". Never called mutt or dog by Kall, although it's not unheard of for others to do so.

Physical TraitsEdit

Sruulum is significantly smaller than most felhounds, and weaker, but with a large appetite for his favourite food - mana, especially in its fire or arcane states. He has two long tongues, occasionally protruding from two tentacle-like appendages affixed to what is usually considered his head, which he can use to devour mana with.


Sruulum is a very young demon, having come into existance only a few years ago. He has been through quite a few masters in that amount of time, each time being shunned by them almost immediately for being a runt. Kall tends to treat him more like a pet than a demon - which, arguably, is a bad thing for both of them, although the consequences are yet to be shown - and he behaves more like a mortal dog than a demon.

Therefore, he gets treated like a mortal dog by other demons; one that they will not get banished, or otherwise punished, for kicking when in public places.

Personal NotesEdit

A minion of Kall's.

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