Name Edit

Ebon Knight Vitaliy Stammelfold. More known, as Stamms, Stamma, or "whatever you can make out of my name", as he says. However, if asked for his full name, he always names himself, as "Vitaliy Stammelfold, son of Korvus Stammelfold, of Stammelfold heir".

Physical Traits Edit

Stammelfold is a tall and toned man, who's wearing his armour nearly 23 hours a day. However, he rarely can be seen wearing a helmet, so, speculating on fact, that his face is unscarred, he might be a good fencer. Also, wearing full armor constantly, made him far more muscular, than ordinary person. Despite being a Death Knight, Stammelfold can be easily confused with normal living person - his skin is of normal color, no signs of corruption and decaying can be seen. The only thing, that reminds other, that he's a Death Knight, are his eyes - they're glowing with bright-blue glow. Vitaliy sometimes jokes, that he's got lighthouse instead of brains, that's why his eyes are glowing so bright.

Race and Class Edit

Human Death Knight.

Guild Edit

As he's considered to be dead, the only thing, that he was enlisted in is a "Missed in Action registry".

Occupation Edit

Adventurer, mostly. Sometimes he works, as instructor and tutor, for those, who're willing to become a good warrior. Or mage. Or druid. Or... whatever.

Family Edit


Background Edit

Stammelfold Vitaliy is considered to be gone missing in Icecrown, and, by this time, he's most likely dead.

His body wasn't found, yet there's a tombstone with his name at the Stormwind Lighthouse.

It's unknown, who was the person to place a tombstone at such location, however, there was left a text, saying:

"Stammelfold Vitaliy.

Unknown in life, uknown in death, you've left us in grief. May you find your final rest"

Family Background Edit

Stammelfold didn't have a family in common sense of this word. However, he had a romance with a certain high elf - and this is what lead him to his demise.

Criminal Record Edit

None - Stammelfold is a lawful person, though, sometimes it brings him great trouble.

Personal Notes Edit

There's one thing to be noted about Stammelfold - despite him being held captive by Arthas' will (back to when he was a Scourge Champion), he managed to hide and preserve his own personality.

  Therefore, judging upoh his deeds now, you can build up a clear vision of what he was in his "past life".

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