From left to right: Starchild, Kalaena, Kalanah.

Starchild is one of Kall's secretaries, working alongside Kalaena and Kalanah.

Starchild is also a soul-clone of Kall's - this means that if Kall dies, then she can be brought back by killing Starchild somehow. This process can only be done once, and possibly not even that - if the Bronze or Red dragons were to find out about Starchild's creation, she would be destroyed. See Lowdan's case (to be added at a later date) for more details on this.

Because of the way she was created, Starchild is a purely magical being - meaning only that if she is starved of mana, she will dissipate (i.e. die).

Notes Edit

Kallo's bank alt #3 - crafting materials.

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