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Storm and RuinEdit

The forests of Ashenvale are ours. We, the Horde, have earned it through our strength and tenacity.

We have fought for it and have staked our claim on it.

Let the crumbling remnants of a fallen people try and stop us.

We will bring upon them storm and ruin.

The blood of our people has been spilled on this damp soil.

Blood for blood.

Life for life.

Ashenvale is ours.


"Mighty Warchief, I kneel before you in recognition of your supreme dominance. I make to you an oath of vengeance. Vengeance for spilled Horde blood upon the boughs of Ashenvale Forest. In honour of the hero Grommash Hellscream I vow to cleanse our forest of upstart Kal'dorei and those who would aid them. In the name of Horde supremacy I vow to help secure the main source of that all important resource: Lumber. Without it our campaign to the North would falter and shudder to a halt. I gather to me like minded individuals who would aid in this cause. Warriors with a thirst for righteous slaughter. In the name of the Horde, Warchief, I shall stay true. This is my oath".

~Nazthril's oath

First and foremost Storm and Ruin strive to expand Horde influence in Ashenvale forest. Their ultimate goal is to provoke all out war in the forest. They operate from Splintertree Post where they mount operations againt neighbouring Night Elf settlements. They raid Alliance caravans, viciously provoke Kal'dorei natives, and make life very difficult for Alliance in the area.

Warsong Offensive Tabard

Tabard of the Warsong Offensive


The Horde have always been outcasts. Scorned by the world around them these underdogs have banded together under the leadership of a race who’s past is drenched in blue blood: The Orcs. With the coming of a rapidly escalating situation in the frozen north the Warsong Clan lead the charge, led by none other than Hellscream’s own son; Garrosh. Some would say the pup’s violent and bloodthirsty way of leading a campaign is hot-headed and reckless. Some would call the boy arrogant, his father’s mirror image. Others would say that his strategies get things done. He seems to have single-handedly split the Horde in half - A dangerous rift in an already fragile alliance. Even nearly beating the warchief himself in combat, this has made many pause to think about just how able the young Orc is.

It goes without saying that there are numerous Orc supporters of Garrosh, Warsong or not. He appeals to that nagging sense in the back of their minds; That inescapable rage just begging to be set loose. But is not just the Greenskins. All Kalimdor folk aligned with the Horde know of at least a few of their kin who are outspoken Garrosh supporters.

The dark mysticism of the Darkspear Trolls, almost softened by Thrall’s teachings, has a way of nourishing a certain eccentricity and hatred. From across the land, Trolls flock to the Warsong Offensive’s banner, baying for the blood of their hated foes. Like the Orcs, the Trolls have had their share of hard times. A small tribe forced from their homeland by fierce and brutal competition, the Darkspears have found a kindred spirit in the Horde. But it is not surprising that many still harbour resentment; resentment which they see an outlet for in Garrosh.

The Tauren, too, forced to live as nomads, hounded by marauding centaur. Know the true meaning of hardship. Were it not for the Orcs, the spiritual race would have found themselves wiped out; on the wrong end of a mindless genocide. In the Orcs they have found a great friend, bonded by their sense of honour and duty. But for some, a quiet life atop the towering mesas of Thunder Bluff is not enough. Old wounds still run deep and a vent for their bitterness and hatred is what they need. Tribes such as the Ragetotem, even Horde sympathisers from the Grimtotem answer the call. Garrosh is more than willing to oblige.

It is hard for many to forget, and especially to forgive. None know this more than the Forsaken. The recent betrayal at the Wrath Gate and the resulting battle at the Undercity have cast their intentions into much doubt, and these shady allies have found themselves the focus of much anger amongst members of the Horde. It is a rare thing for a Forsaken to march to war with an Orcish clan and those that do find that the respect of their peers is very hard to earn.

The pristine, regimented Sin’dorei of Quel’thalas have an ocean between the heavily Horde populated continent of Kalimdor and have the undead, both mindless and Horde aligned, as neighbours. In the past their loyalty to the Horde has always been questioned, but with the recent events on the Isle of Quel’danas the Elves have proven their worth by reclaiming their Sunwell. A display of strength that silenced a fair few doubters. Regardless, the general mindset of the Elves does not usually match that of Garrosh sympathisers.

And thus, we come to Storm and Ruin. While not officially Garrosh supporters one way or the other, the kind of people stated above are what are drawn to them. Storm and Ruin is not a clan, nor strictly speaking even a military organisation. A radical group is what should sum them up best. Although their allegiance must be pledged to the war chief, their actions will be questionable.

To sum it all up; A group of individuals, united by a fiery hatred and aggression. A new threat in an already hostile environment. A menace with a fury unmatched.

Attitude toward other racesEdit

As penned by Nazthril the Keen

Sha'tarWolfRider copy

The Orcs; My kin.Edit

As brothers they shall be welcomed. Our skin marks us out as bearers of a bloody legacy. Green - Not the verdant green of Mulgore, healthy and vibrant. It is Fel affliction that marrs our pigmentation. It marks us out as we who fell and rose again.By blood and thunder we climb the ladder of prosperity. We greenskins lead the united peoples of the Horde - bonded by our hatred and driven by our will to succeed.

Enslaved by the will of demons we committed atrocities beyond number. A rage, imprinted in our very being, our very spirits, lurks to this day. The sweet lust for spilled blood and martial dominance. The powers that be would have us supress this very thing that makes us a force to be reckoned with, those haggard, leather faced element worshippers in the warrior city of Orgrimmar, far from the troubles of the world. They wrap around them the viel of experience. "I was there" they will say. "We know best". No, I say. Age brings complacency and an unhealthy sense of self preservation. They do not understand the fire that burns in the hearts of the Orcish youth; a fire yearning to consume those who would stand in the way of the Horde.

This bloodrage that dogs us constantly; our curse. I say use this weapon which has been forced in our hands. They would say that to give in wholly to the bloodrage is to embrace the old ways. The dark days. They say that to embrace the bloodfury is to be open to corruption. That atrocities shall be comitted. Is it not enough of an atrocity that Kal'dorei raid our lumber camps freely? Is it not enough of an atrocity that the human king insulted the Warchief himself? Is it not enough of an atrocity that squat Dwarves from the mountains stage direct assaults upon sacred Frostwolf land? The time for holding back is at an end. Embrace the fury. Give in to it. The atrocities we commit pale in comparison to the crimes committed against us at this very moment.

I welcome any Orc who would stand by my side.

TaurenSha'tarWiki copy

The Tauren; Our brothersEdit

<I defy anyone, Orc or otherwise, to tell me that our Tauren brothers are not worthy of their esteemed status within our glorious Horde. Truly they have suffered. Roaming the deserts of Kalimdor as little better than ragged nomads for generations, they were loose tribes. Scattered. Divided. Like the clans before their unity. Unlike the Orcs, they were prey and not predator. Centaur of the Barrens intent on nothing short of genocide hounded the Tauren like packs of hunting dogs. When we crossed the Great Sea we helped forge their salvation.

One of the greatest honours there is, is to give without expecting a single thing in payment. None can deny this selfless trait that the Tauren exhibit, almost as a rule.

But although they are gentle creatures by nature, this belies an anger. An outrage. A fury that matches that even of my own kin.

Their generations-long torment is not forgotten. Sadly, they are taught lessons of forgiveness and compassion. It heartens me to see a number of their tribes rise above this; The Ragetotem and the Grimtotem are but two examples. Two tribes willing to get a job done. Two tribes willing to make sacrifices - To forego one's own esteem in the eyes of others to ensure a superior Horde.

I welcome any Tauren who would fight with me.

ShadowHunterSha&#039;tar copy

The Darkspears; Our comradesEdit

Since our chance encounter during the great voyage, the Darkspear Tribe have been a subtle blessing throughout the Horde's rise. Their hatred warms my heart. Hatred of old Tribes, hatred of new enemies, truly Trolls have a capacity for righteous anger that rivals their new allies. It is this agression, this will to avenge and destroy that makes me proud to count them as friends.

Sadly, the deeds of aforementioned farseers has led to an ugly taint spreading through this proud people. Embrace the ways of the New Horde, they say. Why? Leave them be. Their customs are ancient and proper. Their "voodoo", dark as it may be, is an invaluable weapon. As proud as I am of my own people, it is not right for Orcish shamans to judge the ways of Trollish Voodoo priests and Witch Doctors.

Let them have their dark ways. Let them nurture their old hatreds. It is useful.
I welcome any Darkspear to my side who would see these values upheld.

Guild RanksEdit


The fresh faced aspirants. These initiates are at the bottom of the food chain. While no one is subservient to anyone as such, they are the people who have yet to prove themselves. Zeal and ability will see newcomers being moved up a notch.

"Fresh. New. Eager. Willing. We'll see how long they last in the wilds."


Those who have proven themselves to be willing and able, and who display a strong dedication to the cause. The roles they fulfill vary vastly depending on their individual skills. The equivelant of a grunt rank.

"Proven. Deadly. The reavers are fuelled by a righteous desire to see the Horde prevail."

Iron FistEdit

The Iron Fists comprise mostly of veterans and battleharded acquaintances. Those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and who have performed deeds worthy of song. It falls to the Iron Fists to help coordinate raiding parties. Their hoarse shouts are rally points and encouragement.

"The Iron Fists. They have made the sacrifice. To step beyond honour and do what must be done. A gauntlet of Orcish iron, poised to sunder bone and shatter dreams."


A position of honour. The wise and the cunning drift upwards to this esteemed seat. A secluded council to fall back upon to discuss direction and purpose. Traditionally the position of shamans and veteran warriors.

"A sprinkling of fierce wisdom to offset the baying call for blood. Rage needs focus. The warseers are that focus."



Storm and Ruin currently uses this forum:

This is subject to change. There may a possible forum collaberation with Dead of Winter in the future.


We operate a fairly informal recruitment policy. If we like you, you're in. Contact Nazthril or Rawa ingame.

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