"Anar'alah belore!"

Introduction to the Sunlord Edit

Dawn charm art by john avon

Dawn Charm by John Avon co. Wizards of the Coast

Although High and Blood elves do not worship the sun as a deity, they treat it with great reverence. It brings light to the world, gives health to plants, people and animals, banishes darkness, radiates light and happiness. To many elves the sun is the centre of all what is good on Azeroth and the Sunwell its earthly manifestation, a great beacon of the power of Light and the symbol of the enduring spirit of elvenkind.

Some elf wizards seek to harness the holy power of the Sunwell and put it to use with their magic. To these Sunlords, the sun embodies many qualities the elves hold dear. It shines year after year, never growing dim and casts a joyous light at the world. Sunlords seek similar ends with their magic. They drive back the shadows, endure in the face of evil and stand stalwart as eternal defenders of their people.

Shattered and rendered powerless by the destruction of the original Sunwell, the Sunlords experience a renaissance. Young elves, bolstered by the restoration of the Sunwell, often wish to stand as defenders of their people and the Sunlords' militaristic interpretation of the Sunwell lore, viewing it as a guardian of all elves, High and Blood, and an ever-watching eye of all that is holy and just fits right into their needs.

The Path of the SunlordEdit

Embarking the path of the Sunlord requires a calm and contemplative mindset: the aspiring Sunlord (or Sunlady, if female) must apply him or herself towards studying the movements of celestial bodies, contemplating the mysteries that the Sunwell represents and reading arcane scriptures in which the Sunlords contained their knowledge and philosophy. Additionally the adept must pass many tests of character, both blatant and secret.

The Sunlords' sacred texts contain not only general knowledge of the path and its philosophy, but also blueprints of spells of fires both holy and arcane, written in a cipher known only to them and untranslatable to anyone who is not a Sunlord adept. This is a precautionary measure to avoid letting them fall into wrong hands, but a little awkward one: without the rest of the training to attune the young adept to the ebb and flow of the Sunwell's magic, they are useless. (This doesn't give people playing this RP class any new spells, just adds more flavour to existing ones.)

The contemplation of the Sunwell plants a spark of its power within the adept Sunlord, his spells forever tinged with its sacred radiance once this part of the education is completed. The Sunlord's spells are particularly deadly towards demons and undead and cut through their magical defenses with ease.

As a side effect, the Sunlords glows with a soft, warm light at all times. As the Sunlord progresses on this path, the light becomes uncomfortable to demons and undead, even going as fas as causing nausea to them. It is said that the powerful Sunlords of old could make demons and undead catch fire and nauseate Warlocks just by standing nearby. (Note that an effect of such magnitude would take decades to achieve in addition to being simply ridiculous in RP. Player characters should never have it.)

Lastly, as an effect of studying and interpreting the sky, the Sunlord may experience a slight increase in spellpower while under direct, natural sunlight.

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Mage- Fire or Arcane
  • Priest - Discipline specced, doesn't heal in RP
  • Paladin - Holy

Sunlords of the Sha'tarEdit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

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