Name Edit

Sylvare Illithis Kaïten Anglaïs, Blood Knight Master of Silvermoon City.

Physical Traits Edit


Height: 6'2", 6'5" if you count the ears.

Weight: 182.6 Lbs. without clothing.
Age: 73 ((Going by the age-table found [here]))

Sylvare is larger overal then the avarage Blood Elf, unlike most Blood Elfs, he's not as 'scrawny' as the other races would see them, he is a slight bit larger, his muscles are broader and tougher, showing signs of harsh training and hard work, able to take blows rather well, he's not the fastest when in combat, excelling greatly in defencive combat rather then offencive combat.

Just having past the line of maturity for Blood Elfs, he still has a rather young face for Blood Elf standards, though those who are not too familiar with the Sin'Dorei race won't probably see a difference, Blood Elfs would be able to estimate his age at around mid-seventy.

His eyes, like most Blood Elves, have a fel-green glow covering them, making it hard to see his actual eyes, the glow deminishes when he is fatigued or ill and when either of these happen, his eyes come into vieuw, this Blood Knight has teal eyes, would it have been a few years before, they would've been skyblue. The sunwell's destruction has left behind permanent scars on most of the High Elves. Through prolonged useage of Fel Energies, not only the colour of the glow, but even has eyes have been altered, the felgreen having mixed with the skyblue, creating a teal colour.

Platinum Blonde, short and spiked backwards as to not obstruct his vieuw, it is also easier to take care of shorter hair then it is to take care of longer hair.

Facial expression:

He has a rather disciplined and cold expression on his face, a disciplined Blood Knight, trained not to show signs of weakness for the sake of his duty, who would take a Blood Knight serious if the Blood Knight in question isn't serious to begin with?


Sylvare has four weapons which he uses, depending on the situation.


Blood Knight's Zweihänder
Offensive Twohander.


Isancti, Sword of Sanctuary
Defensive Onehander


Ziràch, Blade of the North
Offensive onehander


Anglaïa, Blade of the Anglaïs Patriarch (Heirloom)
Offensive Twohander

Division Edit

Sylvare is part of the Ninth Division in the Blood Knight Order, the Ninth is an offencive division focussed on Northrend and eradication from the scourge and are trained in handling with the living dead as their foe.

Family Background Edit

Part of the Anglaïs house, a family which had long provided Quel'Thalas with rangers, spellcasters and soldiers as well as every now and then a spellbreaker or dragonhawk rider. A family which has been founded by combat and militairy purposes, every generation bringing forth soldiers to fight for their homeland, be they talented or untalented.

Founded when the High Elves had first arrived in the Eastern Kingdom and had build Silvermoon City. The family had taken use of the fact that it was a new empire in the rising, the house of Anglaïs, at that time a moderate house in the High Elven society of those days, had most of their sons and daughters enlisted in the militairy of Silvermoon City, over the years, it became a tradition to, as soon as an High Elf would turn Sixty and be deemed as an adult mentally and physically, enlist the children of every generation into the militairy.

The house of Anglaïs fell during the third war with a mere three survivors, children of the patriarch of house Anglaïs, they were kept separate when the scourge came, hidden in the family's enclave which now rests in ruins in the Ghostlands, the only of the three who did not attend to the frontlines at the time, being denied the right and honour by their father who had hoped that, if it truely would be a genocide, that there would be some to uphold the name of the noble house.

Background. Edit

((Rest will come soon.))

((Last updated, 17-06-09))

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