The hut used by the eyes.

The Taurajo Hut was used by The Thousand Eyes on weekends and before the Thunder Bluff Storytelling Night. The eyes used this hut as their meeting point since their 3rd meeting. The hut of the High Rise was not peaceful enough after several meetings and so the eyes decided to meet there. Should you enter you will smell fresh herbs and cooking of either a stew or kodo meat. The walls are decorated with tapestries telling of ages past and "spirit maps". The baskets are filled with blankets and clothings and there is a hollowed out totem, the contents of which are a mystery. Outside hangs a Horde flag and guards are stationed there to guard whoever may currently be residing within. So the hut of Taurajo is not just a hut, it is an escape and a peaceful place where all and many can gather and forget all they fear and hate to return to humble, tribal beginnings. It was once the residence of Verdauga Whitecloud.

Destruction of the TentEdit

Within days before The Shattering, Camp Taurajo and the Taurajo Hut were destroyed in an attack by the Alliance. Many Tauren were slaughtered, The Thousand Eyes were pushed back into Mulgore in an attempt to save Taurajo, except the Allaince forces were too large.

After the destruction of the tent The Thousand Eyes moved their base to Camp Whitecloud, a small camp just behind the Great Gate of Mulgore.

  • Markion Sourheart is leading a force from Mulgore against the Alliance in an attempt to re-claim Taurajo for The Eyes, and the Horde.