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Two Tauren upon their racial mount, the kodo.

Tauren (Shu'Halo in their native language, Taurahe) are huge nomadic creatures who live on the grassy, open plains of Mulgore in central Kalimdor. Tauren are large, muscular humanoids and bovine in appearance, complete with hooves and horns. They stand anywhere from six and a half to nine feet tall and weigh anywhere from 400 to 700 pounds. Their immense bodies are covered with fine, short fur that ranges in color from black to gray to white to red to brown to tan and any mottled combinations or variations thereof. After generations of nomadic existence, the tauren have made permanent settlements in Mulgore and The Barrens.

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The plains of Kalimdor have long been a home to these tremendous nomads. The Tauren are a race of , , who long ago developed a complex culture and system of living without the aid of stonework, steel or conquest. This is not to say that the tauren are a race of pacifists, for when they are angered they are capable of retaliating with swift and decisive brutality.

Tauren are, in a word, stoic, embodying the strong and silent type with their quiet contemplation. This introspective air combined with their immense size can lead a person to understand why many regard the tauren as a wise and dangerous race. Tauren rarely speak unless there is a true reason to, preferring to act instead of talk. However, once a tauren has learned to interact with a companion, there seems to be a more open and enthusiastic exchange of words. Since Tauren warm slowly to non-Tauren, they are usually silent and may sometimes appear brooding to the other races.

If anything, a person could attribute the silence of the Tauren on the strife of recent times. Tauren have no love for bloodshed, as their deep spiritual beliefs do not have a place for warfare. The elders of a tribe solve most issues, or two Tauren might resolve a conflict with a ritual challenge resembling a duel. Having become members of the Horde, the introspective race has been involved in more and more conflict, creating a demand for Tauren warriors and healers. Many must spend time putting great thought into the actions they perform on the field of battle. Taking another life, whether it is man or beast, is an act filled with great significance and responsibility to the Tauren.

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The Tauren starsign

Tauren have always been a relatively popular and interesting race and many roleplayers are drawn to them. They are gentle, honourable and wise people but it isn't always easy to roleplay a Tauren. Of course we all play our characters in different ways but our races have limits, and we should play our characters that way.

Tauren are an old race and don't like to change. They probably wouldn't be interested in the eastern lands more than their own lands (which they are proud of as they control most of central Kalimdor) so it would be strange to roleplay a Tauren who knows more about the Eastern Kingdoms than they do their own homeland, unless they were born there. Tauren would be quite inquisitive about the world outside of their own but also not very keen on change or things too different to them. But like anyone they can warm to new things or change.

A Tauren's life revolves around honouring the ancestors and the Earthmother, they are a tribal people so would not wear mage robes or spend extensive amounts of time in castles or cities like Silvermoon, although they could be spotted there out of interest as Tauren can be inquisitive about things they are unlearned about. Tauren are not stupid, but they might struggle with Orcish and not speak in the most delicate and educated manner when speaking Orcish. Tauren may often refer to each other as brother or sister and are usually part of a tribe.

Choose you tribe might depend on your class or pelt colour. For example the Grimtotem are a tribe of black Tauren and the Dawnstrider Tribe is a tribe of Shamans. Tribes are more like communities then families although they are very close. Being in the Bloodhoof Tribe is not breaking the second commandment of roleplaying, unless of course you claim to be Cairne Bloodhoof's son. Someone from your tribe is not necessarily your brother by blood.

You shouldn't play your Tauren based on the guidelines above but they are just there to give a brief idea on the lifestyle of a Tauren. You play your character how you see fit. The Sha'tar has had a few all Tauren guilds in the past, The Bloodhoof Militia to name one, and though not an all Tauren guild, about 70% of the eyes are Tauren.

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