Tauren food guide

"Because Tauren love food"

Praise be the Earth Mother for the crops and for the hunt. The most splendid of all her creations is the FOOD! The following is the top 5 foods which all Tauren should eat at least once a day

1. Kodo meat! 2. Plainstrider 3. KODO MEAT! 4. Bread, Mulgore bread! 5. Kodo meat!

All Tauren who desrire to be noble and with honour in the eyes of the Earthmother should eat these foods.

Tauren food facts.

1. Tauren are the biggest and best producers of bread in all Azroth! Eat bread with everything!
2. Tauren are great hunters and bring in alot of meat, however they are surpassed by the orcs at meat eating as Tauren have the highest number of herbivores. Tauren grow nice vegetables!
3. Kodo meat! Thunder lizard is a type of kodo too thank you very much
4. Tauren consume alot of carbs! Well they should do.
5. Tauren are the biggest producers of dairy products! Custards, cream, cheese and milkshake (Milkshake was invented by Shake Stonehoof)

Yes all these things come from our lovely cows, with each type ranging depending on which tribe it came from!

(Note, Whitecloud milk is the best!)

Tauren top 5 beverages

1. Milk!!
 2. Kodo milk
  3. Water from Tauren wells
 4. MILK!
  5. Kodo gravey

Nothing is better to go with a meal then a nice beverage, hot or cold. Goldthorn tea is recommended to drink with a tauren biscuit!


Smoke Silverleaf or Peacebloom.

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