"So if I recalibrate the magical contrafluxulator and reallign the foci then the resulting spell should be less self combustive...perhaps..." - Technomage Latharian Sangstar, deceased

Introduction to the TehcnomageEdit


Quicken by Aleksi Briclot (co Wizards of the Coast)

Wherever there are theoretical engineers in close proximity to spellcasters, you will get Technomagi. Tired of the ususal arguments between those camps who believe that technology should replace outdated magic and those who know the power that magic has and laugh at such a notion, Technomagi are those who decide to take the middle path by combining the two. They may be practical engineers with a flair for sorcery or they may be magi who decided to pick up a few tools and try applying their magic to technology, whatever the circumstances of their coming onto the path of the technomage they all share a least few similar traits; Insatiable curiosity, wild-eyed enthusiasm for their work, little facton loyalty (will work with anyone if it means advancing their ideas) and sometimes a desire for their inventions or ideas to help or hinder the wider world depending on their own personality.

Most Wizards dismiss them as "Sorcerers with a gun...but still damn Sorcerer's", many Sorcerer's consider them "Grease Monkeys with cantrips" and Engineers and Tinkerers often consider them as being "too clumsy to make it in engineering, too thick to make it in magic", but to dismiss them as any of things would be a grave mistake for when magic and technology successfully combine the results can be...interesting.

The Path of the TechnomageEdit

Typically a Technomage is what happens when a Mage (usually a Sorcerer or even a Warlock) picks up a few tools and starts applying their arcane theories to technology. Technomagi have no formal training to speak of, they tend to be solitary individuals who experiment either alone or occasionally within the House of the Arcane Contraption after they attain the offical title of Technomage (usually occurs after they either create something new or perfect another's invention). The closest thing to a rite of passage a Technomage will have is in creating their gun which they use a focus for their spells, typically either using them to enchance the accuragy of their traditional magic or imbuing the bullets with elemental or non-elemental magical properties to enhance power, speed, accuracy etc. Many Technomagi choose to devote some time to a minor school of magic as well as thier technomagic in order to enchance the overall usefulness of their abilities, typically these schools tend to be non-offensive such as Conjuration, Illusion and Summoning.

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

Mage - Arcane preferably, Frostfire, Fire, Frost (subschool conjuration or illusion)

Hunter - Marksmanship or Survival (pet counting as a summoned familiar so unique looking pets are preferred)

Warlock - Destro (Summoning subschool what with the the idea of an imp helping his master construct some steam powered monstrosity is amusing to me).

Engineers - If you're an engineer then give it a go but it may be tough with certain classes (Warriors, Druids etc)

Technomages of the Sha'tarEdit

Frazbil Phineas Arcaneafuze

Roleplaying tipsEdit

Uncertainty is king with a Technomage, in an RP fight there's always a chance that the spell you're preparing to fire out of your weapon could backfire horribly.

Familiars won't be a strong as a "normal" pet (if using a Hunter to represent the class) in RP fights but they should have other quirks like the ability to talk, intelligence or wisdom or whatever.

If you can use Expospeak use it.

Magic: The Gathering's Izzet Guild from the Guildpact block of the Ravnica series is the embodyment of this class.

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