Scout Tenebrais Redux of the Undercity. "Tenebrais Redux" is a name he gave himself; his given name is forgotten if it ever existed at all.

Physical TraitsEdit

Death did not vastly change his appearance, as he was scarred enough in life by his deep involvement in dark magics to pass as undead. He is slightly above the usual height but a hunch forces him to stoop. Only his hands appear to have any strength in them at all.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Warlock. Human in life.


Euthanatoi (only out of character)


No official career, as he provides for himself in his travels. When he needs to quietly make some coin, he weaves clothing for those inclined toward dark arts.


None. Mother died in childbirth; father left before knowing he was even alive. No known siblings. Tenebrais never considered finding his blood relatives, as they never met him even as a newborn. The fact that they were Lordaeron residents also makes their chance of still surviving slim.


Born approximately 15 years before the First War, he stumbled upon a warlock coven at the age of five. He left the encounter possessed with some form of demonic spirit, which twisted his views on life for the next thirty-six years.

After coming of age, not long after the Horde conquered Stormwind, he travelled to Gnomeregan to seek out a warlock family that he felt could be convinced to follow him. He succeeded in this endeavour, and the Darksprockets became something of a small personal army. He had the family perform a ritual on Kall, the youngest and weakest of the family (also their collective punching bag), which would anchor the demon spirit to Azeroth should he die. Unfortunately, during the invasion of Gnomeregan during the Third War lead to Kall disappearing and the mother dying. To compensate, the family's patriarch found a new wife, to bear a daughter, who underwent the same ritual.

The next few years were spent trying to find a way to kill Kall and make the newborn child the sole anchor. Unfortunately, she was protected by a family of dwarf priests. During this time, he returned to Lordaeron disguised as a member of the Forsaken - the scars of his magic had made him difficult to distinguish from the true undead.

In the year 26, not long after the beginning of The Burning Crusade, Kall struck out on her own as an adventurer. This was heralded by the dwarf family capturing the newborn child at her naming ceremony. Various attempts to take the child back and kill Kall failed, and the failed attempts gradually killed off the Darksprocket clan. Ultimately she slew him in single combat, a full year after she began her adventures.

The last Scourge plague rose him from the dead. The efforts of the Forsaken freed him from the madness, and he joined them in earnest. The demonic spirit, having left him at death, was now trapped between three anchors. Hoping to avenge what it had driven him to do, he made amends with Kall.

Most recently he joined the Horde in going to Northrend to fight the Scourge, largely due to not having any other loyalties.

Family BackgroundEdit

Tenebrais never knew his blood family, and does not care.

Criminal RecordEdit

Official records were destroyed with Lordaeron. Before then, his crimes included theft, practising dark magic, both attempted and successful murder, and finally stealing a horse in order to leave the country.

Personal NotesEdit

Tenebrais, both in and out of character, is unsociable. If you seek company from him, don't set your hopes too high, though you can at least expect courtesy.