Terintha Starwhisper
Terintha 3
Terintha visiting Astranaar
Vital statistics
Title Druid of the Moon
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
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Affiliation Alliance
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Location Azeroth or Outland
Status Alive
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Terintha Starwhisper is the ex-general and one of the few survivors of the small sentinel sect known as The Guardians of Elune.


Terintha was born as a kaldorei commoner while the Well of Eternity was around. After the Great Sundering, her family followed the wise Malfurion Stormrage and lived around Mount Hyjal. Terintha’s father, Maranis, was inspired to follow Malfurion’s footsteps and become a druid passing on his teaching to Terintha, despite being taboo at the time. When the time came for the druids to hibernate and venture into the Emerald Dream, Terintha’s father decided it would be best to take her with him. Reluctantly Terintha’s mother, Alenea, allowed it and it together father and daughter slept so they could venture the Emerald Dream.

Terintha and her father woke when they were summoned to help defend Hyjal. Terintha awoke to find her family had established a place for them in the new world, a home worth fighting for. Together the Starwhisper family agreed they would defend the land from the demonic incursion.

After the war, the sisters quickly found one another, but were distraught to find out their parents had given their lives to defend their lands. Unable to continue living in Hyjal, due to the destruction and the reminder of their lost parents, the Starwhisper family descended to the lands of Ashenvale and quickly settled into the small town of Astranaar.

Terintha’s teachings prevented her from staying in Ashenvale for long and wondered northern Kalimdor. She went to where she was needed, healing the land and restoring the Balance where it was necessary. Until one region, she heard a strange calling deep in the night. Terintha came across a sacred land that was protected by vicious creatures. However, the calling was coming from within the land, and Terintha needed to obey. After evading and fighting off the creatures, Terintha found the source of the Calling. A powerful Moonkin spirit by the name Sha'lune. Upon meeting Terintha he explained to her the fate of the Moonkin in the area, and how they had fallen from grace and could no longer hear the sweet voice of Elune. Witnessing the potential the druid had, Sha'lune then blessed her with a spiritual link between the two, meaning they could call upon each other if needed.

Terintha eventually returned to her home to find the forests under attack from the east. Not only were the orcs attacking, but the Burning Legion had begun to spread their foul influence and taint the kaldorei's sacred forest. For a while, Terintha stayed and did what she could to help her people and defend her home from the savage intruders.

However, Luciel ensured Terintha that her Sentinel sect, the Silverwing Sentinels, could handle their enemies, and that Terintha's gifts were needed on a more dire battlefield: Outland. It was there she first encountered another Sentinel sect, named The Guardians of Elune, led by the calm and wise Melana Moonwhisper. Unlike other known Sentinel groups, this one allowed more than kaldorei amongst their numbers; a few humans and even a draenei. With her new found comrades, Terintha helped the Alliance in Honor Hold to keep back the Fel Orcs and the Burning Legion.

Eventually, Melana was given orders to move her group the frozen wastes of Northrend. However, early in their expedition The Guardians of Elune had to split into two groups. Terintha stayed in Borean Tundra with comrades Etharis Songbird and a paladin known as "Divine Justice" to help defend the Alliance stronghold, while Melana Moonwhisper, Bluffy Springer and Anya Blackgrip sailed eastwards to Howling Fjord. Within a few days, contact with Melana's group cut off suddenly. The paladin and Etharis left for Valgarde, while Terintha agreed to stay in Borean Tundra in case communication returned.

Not hearing of their death or retirement Terintha decided to become a solo force in Northrend, for the Alliance and sided with the mages of the Kirin Tor to battle a common enemy, the Scourge.

There stayed until she received summons from her sister to Ashenvale. It was discovered the orcs were making advancements upon the land and sparking open war. When Terintha arrived it was discovered that a group of night elves had banded together under the name Dead of Winter to put an end for once and for all. Terintha stepped up and joined the group, but their forces were overwhelmed and the orcs’ savagery breached the night elf defences. Dead of Winter forces were decimated. Terintha managed to survive, but stay put in Ashenvale to help protect the lands.

While staying, Terintha fell for a young male night elf named Verdal Songleaf. They soon established a strong bond, despite the age gap between them.


Terintha was away from home when the Cataclysm hit, and has yet to do so. She travels the lands, heeding loud calls of help from the lands in the immediate vicinity. As much as she wants to see her loved ones, her duty comes first. She often writes home to Luciel, to her other sister Jenai and to Verdal; making promises to return.


Was member of The Guardians of Elune. However, since the other members of her group have disappeared, she has now become associated with a group called Dead of Winter, assisting where she can.

It is also rumoured Terintha affiliated with the mysterious group known as The Fifteenth Dusk.


Terintha's occupation is the same as her calling, taking care of the world she lives in and preserving nature's balance. She is also a soldier of the Alliance, giving her attention and assistance wherever it is needed. Terintha is also has also been called to join the Fifteenth Dusk, and elite force on the side of the Alliance who, until recently, were unknown to the public. There she helps assault enemy strongholds that require more than the usual soldiers to be breached.

Ever since she was young, Terintha has collected herbs and made use of them. A couple of years ago, she brewed the various reagents into basic potions. More recently, however, she processed the herbs into unique inks and studied the mysterious yet powerful art of Inscription. But after learning the potency of modern alchemy, Terintha has begun to study the ways of the alchemist.

Terintha gave herself the title ‘Druid of the Moon’ when she became the student of Sha’lune, the Moonkin spirit. To symbolise this, she often dressed dark feathers and a crescent moon to represent the night, the moon goddess Elune and nocturnal nature.

Notable RelationshipsEdit

  • Mother - Alenea Starwhisper (Deceased)
  • Father - Maranis Starwhisper (Deceased)
  • Older Sister - Jenai Starwhisper
  • OlderstSister - Luciel Starwhisper
  • Close Friend - Melana Moonwhisper
  • Close Friend - Astrophel Marben
  • Close Friend - Bluffy Springer
  • Close Friend - Etharis Songbird

Allies in Combat Edit

Often during combat, Terintha is capable of switching spirits of her allies in the Emerald Dream. This causes the allies to have a physical body in the realm of the conscious Azeroth, while Terintha is channelling the spell in the Dream. Through extensive practice, Terintha is able to switch places with her allies for up to several hours. However, too long causes the link between Terintha’s Spirit and Terintha’s Body to weaken thus making more difficult to return to the realm of the conscious.

Sha’lune is a Moonkin Spirit who now resides in the Emerald Dream. He has agreed to assist Terintha in her travels as a companion and a tutor. Terintha switches places with Sha’lune due to his mastery of offensive magic. He is old and wise, and is just getting used to modern Azeroth.

Plumgrove is a Spirit of a Treant. His natural skill with healing spells and blessings helps Terintha aid her allies. He has witnessed Azeroth change through the eyes of the trees in Ashenvale, most notably the Burning Legion’s near-endless assault on the forest’s life and the orc’s malicious reaping of the Ashenvale’s timber.

Physical TraitsEdit

Terintha is quite tall for female Night Elf. Her skin is of a deep purple hue. Her night-blue hair is tied back in plaited loops, inspired by the popular dwarven hair style. Her silver eyes can often be seen with bags underneath them.


  • Terintha is nicknamed ‘Teri’ by her friends and family.

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