The letter arrived early in the morning. Picking it out of the mailbox, Chingo wiped the sleep from his eyes, and turned it over. The seal of the Argent Dawn was present. Raising an eyebrow, Chingo started to rip the envelope, careful not to do the same to the paper inside.

About to summon the image of Archmage Vargoth, Big Chingo deemed this unnecessary as he set his eyes on the words. They were Gnomish, a language that he could just about read. Even better, the text was short: "Argent Dawn Office. Stormwind. Come".

Big Chingo looked about the trade district, staring around to make sure nobody was watching. He slipped the letter into a pocket of his robe, and turned left. The streets were still pretty empty, it being far too early for the common citizenry to be about selling their wares. A couple of pigeons were resting on the bridge. Sleepily, the gnome summoned some bread for them, and chucked. The loaf was quickly gobbled upon by the thankful pigeons. 'Bloody birds,' Chingo muttered.

Scowling at the magnificent Cathedral, Chingo turned right, and headed to what was normally an empty Argent Dawn office. He peered inside, and noticed that a candle was burning brightly on the far table. Sitting, admiring the light that stemmed forth from it, was a human.

The wizard's first word that popped into his head was "silky." This man was immaculate. Not a mark ruined his face; not a spot, not a scar, not a wrinkle. His slick black hair was combed back, each and every hair joining their brothers in direction. He wore the tabard of the Dawn. Unlike many Chingo had seen, it looked brand new. Possibly made out of Netherweave Cloth, it looked as rich as the coffers of Stormwind itself. The man slowly, smoothly diverted his look from the burning candle, to the gnome that had just entered. He smiled pleasantly.

'Big Chingo. They say you have issues with the Light. But is this candle not also the light? It is a flame, too. Not unlike you're fireballs.'

'Have yer called me here to talk about why yer think I'm wrong?' snapped Chingo, 'or have yer actually got a valid reason?'

Not a muscle changed on the man's face. He rose from his seat and bowed before the gnome before him. Chingo merely nodded.

'A valid reason,' the man said, 'yes, I have one of those. I am Henry Jipps, and I'm the one called out when the Dawn wants actions carried out that...might....hinder their reputation.'

'Oh aye?' asked Chingo. He wasn't intending to give the man any space. Nevertheless, Henry seemed unperturbed. He nodded slightly.

'You will have no doubt seen the Scarlet presence in our own chapel? In the Eastern Plaguelands?'

'I have. What of it?'

'Well, Mr. Chi-'

'It's Big Chingo or nowt.'

'Well, Big Chingo. It's come to our attention that the Scarlet Crusade are getting a bit too big for their plate boots as of late. They've got quite a force, and they seem to think that because of this they have political weight. A force to be reckoned with, is I think the most appropriate term. They've started threatening military action if we don't cave to their demands. On us! The Argent Dawn!'

He pointed to his tabard. The logo did indeed symbolise an organization that was best deemed not to be messed with. Despite his defences, Chingo had always had great respect for the Argent Dawn. They put together people of many races to fight, to serve, and to deal with day-to-day matters. It was the perfect union of the races, and while, yes, they did seem to have an annoying focus on doing it all for the Light, at least they weren't doing despicable things for the Light.

'An' what do yer want me to do? Help defend?'

The man smiled again. 'Defend? No. We can't afford to defend Light's Hope. No, this calls for action, rather than reaction. This calls for the Scarlets to get a shock. You know of a place called Tyr's Hand?'

Chingo sniffed. 'Never been further than the outskirts.'

Henry nodded, and stalked back to his chair. A bag was resting on the other side of it, and he picked it up. 'Then, if you agree, you're going to see a lot more of it.' He unbuckled the straps, and pulled out a collection of scrolls and papers. Beckoning Chingo over, he began to lay them out on the table. There was a map, along with a register, and what appeared to be some spy reports. 'This is our intel on the place. We've tried to remain as covert as possible.'

Chingo glanced at the map. It was pretty well detailed, with even the location of trees and suspected patrol points dotted on for good measure. He looked up to Henry. 'So, yer want me to lead an attack? How many men yer got?'

The Argent Dawn Member shook his head. 'No,' he said, 'this cannot be done by members of the Argent Dawn. That would violate the diplomacy even more than the current situation. Like it or not, we need the Scarlets at the present point, just like they need us. What we don't need is them to become so powerful as to threaten us militarily. They can be pretty hot-headed about these things.'

'I ain't goin' in by meself.'

'We want you to gather together a force. We have been watching your escapades in the Ghostlands, in Duskwood, and in the Blasted Lands. We know how quickly you can bring in armies, both Horde and Alliance. But you must not reveal that it was us who spurred you into doing it.'

'My reward?'

Henry shrugged. 'There will be no reward aside from appreciation. That would clue the Scarlet Crusade in, no? Think of it like this: we are giving you an opportunity to strengthen this bond you are attempting to make between the Horde and Alliance, and in turn, you are...protecting an organization that promotes that kind of thinking. It's a win-win situation.'

Big Chingo almost grinned. 'I got to admire that. Yer bein' frank with me. Aye, alright, I'll do it. I dain't like the Scarlets anymore than you lot prob'ly do. I'll have to put together a few pos-'

'No need, friend. Our scholars have already begun making them. They are to go up in all major cities, Azeroth and Draenor, tomorrow.'

'Oh aye? So yer've arranged a time too, then?'

'We're just awaiting your word on that.'

'April the 5th. Eight 'o clock, like normal. Three days before my birthday, as a matter of fact. 's be a nice birthday present, bein' able to burn loads of cultists in denial.'

'Very well, Big Chingo. We trust you'll get the job done. Light Guard You.'

'Aye aye,' said Chingo, stepping out into the hazy air. 'Right back at yer.'

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