Black Cov

Communication between members of the Black Covenant - intercepted by the Argent Crusade

Field Report, from the hand of Taelan Daromir, agent of the Crusade Edit

Lord Fordring,

This "Black Covenant" is nothing to fear. I have watched several of their members in the past month, and I have never witnessed such a pathetic band of wastrels and amateurs.

I even managed to intercept one of their communications. Read it, and see for yourself – we are not dealing with a new Fel threat arising from within the Horde.

We are dealing with a handful of disorganised apprentices and apparent fools.

Field Report, from the hand of Dalin Strathmore, knight-errant of the Crusade Edit

My Lord,

I have read the reports of our agent Daromir. With all due respect, he knows little of what he speaks. While the Black Covenant is not a formal or united threat, I have crossed paths with several suspected members of this cult.

They are not without power. Far from it.

Argent Crusade

For the attention of Knight-Errant Strathmore Edit


The Highlord has a great many important matters to deal with. Cease wasting his time with your talk of minor witchery and black magic covens.

If this is the Horde’s corruption, let the Horde deal with it. Our blades rise and fall in a far grander cause.

Yours in the North,

Commander Kunz

Cenarion Expedition Tabard

From the hand of Corun Darkenbough, agent of the Cenarion Circle Edit

Great Ones,

I have hunted close to several of those suspected of selling their souls in this Black Covenant. Their inner corruption taints the air around each of them, as thick and bitter as the scent of sorrow after a forest fire.

They do not meet often, and I have learned nothing of their intentions, but their sorcery is poison to life. Even if they do not threaten us directly, it is likely their unrestrained use of these tainted energies will breed suffering of some kind.

We must be cautious, mark their movements, and watch them well.

The Black Covenant Edit

BC Symbol

The rumoured symbol of the Black Covenant

"What's the Black Covenant?

Good question.

Imagine you had a passion that you had to keep secret. Imagine the only souls you could share that passion with, were just as driven, ambitious, dangerous and erratic as you are.

Now imagine a darkened chamber full of souls that agree on nothing except the passion they share for hidden knowledge, and the lure of forbidden sorcery.

Imagine the bitter and acidic taste of a spell called forth by a dead man, clashing with the brutal, primal hate within the magic called forth by an orc - one is born of forgotten life, the other of remembered enslavement.

Now add elven sorcery - a flavour of delicate power and bleak hunger threatening to slip from the summoner's control, twisting its way into the ritual already being cast.

That's the Black Covenant. A conflict of cultures and ideals, united by a passion for forbidden lore.

...or I could just be lying to make a group of lazy scholars and failed sorcerers sound interesting. I'm a bard, you know. I'm paid to talk, not tell the truth."

-- Varath Sindarion