The Captured Exarch was a story arc created largely by The Essence and Athanatoi in 2007. The exarch who was captured was Qialynna.

Several events made up the story arc. It started with a riddle leading to a battle between Horde and Alliance at Nijel's Point, and ended with The Game, held in Zul'aman.

A synopsis of the event, written by Senya in 2007, can be found here.

Events in this story arc Edit

These events include, but are not limited to:

Battle for Nijel's Point Edit


Qialynna being held captive by Essence members in Desolace.

This started with The Essence posting a letter, originally written by Seraphiel Ros'vorontir on the Sha'Tar forum.

Never have I faced such a force that beheld me there. In all comparison to everything I have ever seen, this was pure hell, hell in Azeroth. Just a few moments, and everything I knew was shattered around me, and I lay cold and alone in the smouldering abyss that was once my home. Life has become worthless, and I feel... Like there is no reason to go on. Silence all around.

Perhaps you will read this and courage will inspire inside you, and you will fight on, then again, perhaps not. Over time, you too will have to face what I had to face, over time your world will fall apart too. In the end, it will all crumble as it did in my home, and your life will go along with it. Never any courage to go on, and the name which echoes in your mind after they storm all of your friends and family, and massacre all who oppose, that name... The Essence.

This letter was partially bait, and partially propaganda. If read, the first letters of every sentence forms "NIJLS POINTE". The "E" in Nijels is missing due to a slight mistake. Lowdan came with the answer, and the day The Essence, having formed a temporary allegiance with Dog Warriors, stormed Nijel's Point, Athanatoi was there to protect it.

Once the Horde party was fully aware they were on the losing side, they took a hostage, the Exarch Qialynna.

Attempt to Summon the Exarch Edit


Kall attempts to summon Qialynna.

Kall, having strong ties - both magically and emotionally - at the time to Qialynna, wanted to attempt to use her summoning powers as a warlock to bring the exarch magically to safety. There were strong magical barriers which The Essence had put in place stopping her doing this on her own - so she tried to get some help to strengthen the spell enough to break though. Therefore, a mixed group of Alliance heroes gathered in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb inn in Stormwind City to attempt this.

They did not succeed, and Kall was left magically drained for a week afterwards - however, she was able to scry Qialynna's location using the spell. It was Fray Island, in the Barrens.

Scouting Fray Island Edit


The Athanatoi scouting party approaches Fray Island.

Athanatoi believed their Exarch was being held at the Essence base, on Fray Island - or, as they called it, Essence Isle. The Athanatoi took a small scouting party there, but they did not find anybody. A note was discovered, the faded writing indicating Exarch Qialynna was to be executed within weeks.

The Essence claimed to have moved her to the city of Orgrimmar. Some members of the Athanatoi were sceptical of this - it was decided that a more organised meeting regarding the matter ought to be held.

War Meeting Edit


Athanatoi meet to discuss the action to be taken.

A meeting was held in Nethergarde Keep between members of the Athanatoi, and some other Alliance members, regarding what action should be taken in response to the knowledge that their Exarch was being held in Orgrimmar City.

The leaders decided that an all-out offensive against Orgrimmar in an attempt to re-capture their exarch was best, although some other people disagreed. Eventually, along with the others who wanted to aid the cause, a meet up point was set - Talrendis Point in Azshara, where the Southfury River runs between there, Ashenvale, and Durotar - and a global plan of attack was also formed.

Battle at Orgrimmar Edit


Alliance soldiers gather in Azshara, preparing for the battle.

Synopsis written by Senya, 19/July/2007:

"Over the last weeks Athanatoi has been making efforts to find out where their captured Exarch has been taken. They have attempted to summon her through magical means, but those efforts have failed, due to a dampening magical barrier. The Athanatoi warlock Kall, who has a curious link with Qialynna, was however able to make contact for a brief moment and was able to determine a location. As it turned out this location was an Island off the coast of The Barrens.

A small scouting party was sent to the Island only to discover it had been abandoned. A execution order was found pointing towards Orgrimmar, city of orcs and trolls. Over the past several days intelligence was gathered and Athanatoi was able to confirm their Exarch is indeed present within this fortress of a city. Having ran out of diplomatic options and under pressure of time they will, aided by others who have offered their services, make a desperate attempt to break into Orgrimmar, once close enough break through the magical barrier and save their Exarch from execution."

Knowing their Exarch to be inside, Athanatoi attacked Orgrimmar City. They failed to reach the Cleft of Shadows, where she was being held, before she was portalled out.

The Game : The Letter Edit

A bird with a letter attached to its leg flies towards Stormwind City, then sits down in the park. The first person to notice the letter attached to the bird, could take the letter, which has the stench of rotting flesh and is written in broken common. This is the writing the letter contains.

To all of The Athanatoi,

As you are wel awares, we have your dear Dreanei friend in captive… It was month ago, when we offerered you to payed a ransom to retriev her.

If your minds are in need of refresment, we still have a copy of the letter here.

To Members and Officers of guild Athanatoi, As you are awares, we have kidnap your Draenei officer. We has taken her to secret and secure location, searching is futile. If you make strange moves we, The Essence, will harm your friend officer. In thirty days we will kill her, unless theses terms are done:
-100,000 in gold (To left in bags and us check, then pick up)
-The deeds and control of every Alliance city, for Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus and your Exodar
-Your write word that Athanatoi back down and pursue us stop.

Take serious noting of above demands, The Essence play no games. We not hesitatation to kill hostage. Bear in mind we try to talk ifnormation from her. This is first warning.

You have thirty days to full meet demands. Do what best for your friend.

Geis Archrion of The Essence

Now, month later, none of these conditons is met. Even worse, you are attack the Horde capital city, Orgrimar, invade our hideout of Fray Island and worst of all, do this all without lethal injuries. And though all of this, we offer you one last chance to free your friend… The Essence may not play, but I myself, Monor, would love to invite you to “The Game”…

We will have a guide awaits you where Eastern Plaguelands turns into Ghostlands. If you are harms the guide in any way, the Draenei will get slaughtered. Once all of you who is present is there, motion to the guide -to flee- and the guide will escort you to the place at which The Game will be held.

The Athanatoi, and the Athanatoi only is invited. Bring no one else, for they will are slaughtered. Be care over your numbers, too many or too little is not advised.

I will not tell you, nor hint you of what you are can expect at “The Game”, though I can asurre you, you will not be harm unless if you harms first…

If you wish for to save your dear Draenei friend, the guide will be awaiting you Monday the 6th of August at 8.00, when light turns to shadows…

~Monor Felnor

As (if at all) you flip the note, you notice there is writing scribbled on the back of the letter as well.

I trust you didn’t let the bird that escorted this letter escapes, as the key you need to prooced into the chamber where your Exarch is held… Is in the creature’s stomach.

The Game Edit


"Qialynna, The Captured Exarch of Athanatoi"

The Essence decided to test Athanatoi's devotion on retrieving their Exarch. Monor 'Argendor' Felnor, the Leader of The Essence, had designed a few rooms with gruelsome riddles or simply tests that Athanatoi had to solve, or perhaps undergo to get their Exarch back. These rooms were build at Zul'Aman.

The first room, was the "Cylinder Room", called this way because of the cylinder in the wall, in which there was a key. The door was locked, the cylinder was too small for a hand to fit through, and too long for a gnome to reach it. Other remarkable things were a strong magnet at the top of the cylinder, in case anyone had a rapier, and a small hole below the key. In case they'd make a mistake, and drop the key, they would not only be stuck, but also unable to retrieve their Exarch. The riddle had to be solved by slicing a part of the hand so the hand would fit through. Wildflower was devout enough to do this.

The second room was the "Tunnel Room". It looked equally simple as the first room, besides that there was a trapdoor in front of the door. When opened, they saw a small tunnel, going under the door. But it wasn't that simple, the tunnel was covered in spikes, both the floor and the ceiling. The tunnel was too small for a Human, Night Elf or Draenei to fit through, especially for males. Wildflower threw herself into the tunnel, allowing a gnome (insert name) to go through, and on the other side all he had to do was - even though exhausted and in pain - was pull the lever and the door would open. Wildflower died in the tunnel.

The third room was the "Scorching Floor" room. The remarkable thing about this room was that the floor was made of steel instead of stone, and there were several statues on the wall (played by Horde characters). Next to the door was a temperature meter. All Athanatoi had to do was Survive, until the meter reached the appropriate height to unlock the door. Once the statues had been lit, they began sending out flames, and the countdown started. As time passed, the heat became more unbearable and seemingly hotter. Some collapsed, perhaps due to their burnwounds, perhaps due to suffocation. After 3 (or 5?) minutes, the door opened and the fire stopped immediately. The excitement about seeing their Exarch even made them forget fully healing before going on. Everyone was devout enough.

The last room was the "Prisoner Room". Here lay the corpse of a Draenei, looking like Qialynna in many aspects. Some burst into tears, others exploded in anger.
But then, the voice that had been taunting them - as well as guiding them - during The Game returned, saying that all doors would shut 30 seconds after said transmission. They were given two options: resurrect the corpse to find out if it really was Qialynna, or make their way out. Time was running low and they decided to flee. Outside, they were reunited with the real Qialynna.

After a happy moment, they conjured a portal to Stormwind and left.
Qialynna was unharmed physically by this point, but suffered severe trauma.

The corpse in the fourth room has never been identified.

Related info Edit

Originally, the third room in The Game was designed slightly differently, and was altered literally last-minute.

Letter to The Athanatoi - The Game
(copied above in the The Game: The Letter section for when the thread would be deleted)

These events have been filmed and edited by Geis Archrion (Additional filming by Zhondra and Senya)
Part One

Part Two

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