The Chronicles Of The Hand is a collection of stories containing the rise and fall off two EvilRP projects, being the Black Star and The Hand. As both projects are quite alike the organisers have agreed that these written works describe the same project, thereby making the Black Star and The Hand projects effectively one and the same. The name comes from the bigger and more succesful project.

Currently the Chronicles are composed of five stories, with around four short tales that give more background information. As the projects has been canceled it will be unlikely any additions will be made, however one of the projectleaders has agreed to fill in any plotholes over time.

The Chronicles Edit

Chronicle Stories Edit

(An advised reading order will be added shortly)

Background Stories Edit

 These will give background information: motives, relations etc.

A Butler's Memoires

A Fresh Start

A Thief's Revenge

Scoffleton Breaks

Thieves in the Woods

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