These are the events that led to the downfall of The Essence.

End of Essence Event 2

The Essence make their final stand outside the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj

Letter to the LeaderEdit

The events started, actually with the The Captured Exarch events, but we have to make borders, so these events began with a letter to Thrall and Bronzebeard, written by Monor 'Argendor' Felnor. These had more on their heads than a small gang of fanatics, so instead of assembling an assault party themselves, seperately, they both performed the same action - they put it on an official public billboard. Many knew it was up to them, and they headed out.

The letter has been lost in the deletion of Sha'tar forum topics. (sadface)

Gathering at DuskEdit

By the time the opponents of The Essence arrived at the Ahn'Qiraj Gates, where the letter said their enemies would be, The Essence had already finished preparations. Note this was assumably the first time there had been such a largely scaled co-öperation between Horde and Alliance. The Essence had cast a barrier around themselves, so their enemies could do nothing but watch hopefully. They swiftly began summonning the Essence Queen, and then the attack started. The barrier became subject to the fire and ice from mages, as well as multiple other spells. All holes made were almost instantly closed, several Essence followers were constantly channeling the barrier. The attackers kept their distance, not knowing what The Essence might have had up their sleeves. Things remained the same for a certain period, the attack continued and the summoning portal grew stronger still. Suddenly, however, Monor yelled what would change the entire event for the worse, something in the likes of:

  • "Stop! Are you really that foolish! There is no Essence Queen! Stop, or you'll destroy my Azeroth!"

The exact quote has been lost due to the deletion of Sha'tar forum topics as well. (sadface)
In the confusion, the attack stopped, as well as the Essence members were unsure what to do. The Barrier began fading, and the portal was quickly downsizing. Taking advantage of the temporary confusion and the quickly disappearing safety of the barrier, Monor fled into the poral, unsure what would happen since the location they wanted to teleport from didn't exist.

End of Essence Event 1

Events After Edit

Unaware how long he had blacked out, Monor 'Argendor' Felnor woke up, completely disoriënted. He was in a cave, and looked out. He was in a region he had never been before - and didn't even know if anyone had ever been here before. He figured everyone though he was dead, and he could repeat the old process. He waited. He had in mind to go back under a different name, no-one would notice he looked the same as Monor in a year or two. But it didn't take long, or there was a silhouette at the entrance, one all too familiar to Monor. It was Geis Archrion. They fought, and Geis was getting the upper hand. Just when the battle was nearing it's end, another figure appeared, behind Geis. It was Quincy Lyon, and he and Geis fought. Geis was slightly exhausted from the battle with Monor, whom was keeping distance, saving his strength in case he would see the need of fighting Quincy once his quarrel was over. Quincy, however, stated he sided with Monor, and took him to a safe location, The Essence's former base - Essence Isle, now known once more as Fray Isle. There they were found by Sithren Strifeheart. While he and Quincy were fighting, Monor fled upstairs. Once everything was silent below, he watched the stairs closely. It was Sithren whom was making his way upstairs, so Monor waited untill he was almost upstairs, then jumped down and made his way outside. There he hid in the bushes, and watched as Sithren was looking around. Once he had turned his back at Monor, Monor charged and a battle followed. Sithren won too, however, and Monor was now in captivity. He was escorted to Orgrimmar, where Skullsmasher brought Monor to the Flight Master, whereafter Monor travelled to Silvermoon City, for a public torture session. Once it was enough, he was escorted to Stormwind, to allow the Alliance to unleash their wrath upon him. This torture session too place underground. After all this, Monor was taken to Deathknell in Tirisfal Glades, where he was burnt and then beheaded by skullsmasher.

Monor's Execution

Monor is Executed by Skullsmasher

Following Events Edit

The Essence split up, mainly in The Remnants of the Essence and Bloodsail Elite.


Events have been filmed and editted.

  • Part one:

  • Part two:

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