The Essence in its original unique font.

This guild, army rather, disbanded after the death of Monor Felnor, and split up into The Remnants of the Essence and The Bloodsail Elite.

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Working on it.

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The Essence Flag Burning

The Essence Flag on fire.


A very old visualisation of The Essence Queen. This was drawn as a suggestion, not a permanent visualisation.

It all began with Monor 'Argendor' Felnor having locked himself up in a cave. There, after an unknown amount of time a voice spoke to him.
It introduced itself as Ronom, and explained that he could be seen as a traveller between reals. Saying he came from the realm of Spirits and travelled to a fabled realm of wealth and power, The Essence, he managed to gain Monor's attention - if he hadn't already the very moment he came along. He tells of the tiran of said realm of The Essence, the Queen. Later, this Queen is mostly referred to as The Essence Queen. He tells about the limitless powers that can be harnessed from that realm, and explains to Monor that, as a spirit, he can not interact with most of what's in this realm. Probably the most damned realm of them all. He promises that their allegiance could bring Monor into a position he couldn't even dream of before.

Monor, motivated by the promises of power and revenge, emerged from the cave and looked at the gloomy sky, where he had expected the sun to be. The skies were oddly enough green-ish, something he hadn't noticed in the short time he had been here before entering the cave. He linked that image to the Essence realm, and visualised The Essence realm to be gloomy and green too. Ronom notified Monor that basic knowledge of how to use weapons would be necessary on their quest to serve the Essence Queen in this realm, and eventually aid her in spanning her power farther than the Essence realm, into this realm. The realm Ronom, when referring to it, called the Damned Realm. Monor quickly began training as the most standard of classes: a Warrior.

After a given period of time, Monor began recruiting - in Eversong Woods. The first few members simply joined because they wondered what a Forsaken could be doing in their region, seeing as it was uncommon for other races to travel that far. Most left after a short while, and Monor consulted Ronom - whom replied it was best to inform the Essence Queen. She told Monor (through Ronom) he should lure them in with promises of power. The Blood Elfs appeared to be easily interested by anything that might increase their power, and Monor decided their kind would be the easiest subjects to rule over.

Working on it, now and then.

Goals Edit

Monor promised his followers power and land to rule over. All they had to do was follow him into war with whomever wasn't ready to follow him into the future: a unified world, under control of the Essence Queen.
Monor's personal motivation was avenging his own death; to have revenge on his father.
He was also lead by a corrupting mind a split personality, or rather scizophrenic tendensies.

Events Edit


  • Azuremyst Massacre

The Essence set out on a quest for their Queen to prevent the Draenei to uncover the secret powers hidden in the cristals on various locations on the island. Resistance was low, as well as futile. This was a plain massacre.

  • Attack on Astrannaar

Someone knew too much... The Essence took care of it in time, a little longer and the message would've spread.

  • Clash on the Thunderbluff Lifts

The Essence just happened to be at the right moment at the right time for a little game of bloodsports.

  • Siege on Menethil Harbour.

If they could destroy the supplies, prices in Ironforge would go up steeply, no-one would be properly prepared for a coming war. But not all supplies were found.

  • Lakeshire Raid


A series of events, including RPPvP and casual RP.

  • The Empire Must Fall!

Disrupting a nice Alliance show for a bloody battle, and others.

  • Attacking Stormwind

Monor organised a raid on Stormwind, with the true goal of murdering his father.

Casual RP

  • Essence Hallow's End

Hallow's End is fun... Torture, torture, wink, wink.

The events that led to the End of the Essence.

  • Events The Essence didn't organise, but did take part in.


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Propaganda Trailer:

Links to event movies:
(I'll fix that with a link for each and every movie later on)

Azuremyst Massacre:

Attack on Astranaar:

Clash on the Thunderbluff Lifts:

Siege on Menethil Harbour:

Lakeshire Raid:

A very Essence Hallow's End:

End of Essence (Parts 1, 2):
Part one
Part two

Also amusing
What's up Essence?!
Based on the Deathnote intro, if you hadn't noticed.

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