The Evacuation of Gnomeregan Edit

During the alliance's battle in the third was, the gnomes were struck far closer to home, a vast armie of troggs, believed to of been unearthed from the uldaman excavation, burst in through the natural tunnels and caverns that surrounded Gnomeregan and began senselessly slaughtering its citizens. Not wanting to call on the help of the humans or dwarf due to their batteling in the third war, they decided to fight the troggs alone. But their numbers proved too large for the gnomes to defeat, so at the orders of High Tinkerer Mekkatorque and his advisor Sicco Thermaplugg, they where to open the peressue valves of their great mechines, which spread toxic radiation throughout the city. Though the radiation killed the troggs, the gnomes discovered it killed its own people just as quickly. Nearly 80 percent of the gnomish race died in those few days, and the survivors fled to the protection of the Dwarfs of Ironforge. But some gnomes where not as lucky, the radiation diseased and mutated them, becoming the maddend leaper gnomes that still live within the halls of Gnomeregan.

Veteran/Survivor Edit

Killed During Edit

Tyri Cranksprokle (wife of Frazbil Arcaneafuze)

Locko Boltspark (brother of Ambel Boltspark)

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