Filthy animal

The Filthy Animal is a Horde inn located in Dalaran. It is homely to the more primitive races of the Horde, with animal skin rugs, mounted mammoth heads and dancing Troll girls serving large legs of meat and strong ale. There is a large feasting table at the back adorned with goblets, boars and fruit (although an Orc would not be paticularly interested in fruit!) and for those who prefer a more private, self-made meal there are round tables with cooking fires in them toward the middle of the room. Upstairs are hammocks and mats and huge kegs of beer, the beer kegs not being acessable to customers of course. The banner of the Horde hangs proudly in corners of the inn, and voodoo trinkets jingle from overhangs. There is a door at the back to the right of the stairs which is always shut and none know its contents, though some assume it is a barf house for when the drinking goes overboard. Persumably the inn was made when Dalaran was rebuilt, it is a vast contrast to the rest of the city but the Mages evidently got it right as it suits the Horde's needs. Since the war in Northrend began many have made the Filthy Animal their home, and its cosy charm is enough to attract anyone, Northrend adventurer or not.

It should be noted that the inn is right next to Krasus' Landing. As such, if one is a proficient flyer, they may be able to swoop into the inn before the guards notice the illegal use of a flyer (most of Dalaran is a no-fly zone). In fact, if a member of the Alliance is fast enough, they could zoom right into the inn past the guards. As long as no Horde alert the guards, they should be able to remain in the inn and have some of the feast on the tables!

Regulars at the inn Edit

List yourself here if you are a regular face at the filthy animal

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