The Fountain, Silvermoon Fountain, Bazaar Fountain, or commonly the Emo Fountain is a large ornament occupying the Southern center of the Bazaar in Silvermoon.

WoWScrnShot 122408 113744

The Fountain.

The Fountain and RP Edit

For the longest time, it was the central place for light RP on the Sha'tar, it's close proximity to the Wayfarer's Inn as well as a bank, mailbox and auction house only strengthening this position, not to mention the many benches positioned directly around it. The place was considered to be the main stage for the more drama oriented players, who used it as a place to be alone publicly, either as a couple or by themselves.

When an invisible barrier was placed, such characters as Gravekill rejoiced, while others lamented the decision, even going so far as to petition its removal on the forums.

Notes Edit

  • The term Emo Fountain was coined by Gravekill and associated player.

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