The Grand Arena Tournament of Azeroth Edit

That's right! Ladies and Gentlemen, step up and ready yourself for the ultimate show of skill! This is an independant event run by me and a few willing helpers. In essence, there will be around 5 rounds in which you duel other contendors to gain points. Win, you get 3 points. Lose, you get 1 point. Do not turn up, you get no points and your dueler takes 2 automatically. Who is versing who and the location will be released only the night before the event, so until then, specific training areas shall be set up for everyone to meet up and practise on one another.

Rewards Edit

Rewards will be not as much as everyone may like, but worth competing for none the less! The winner will take home;

-The Title "Grand Arena Champion"

-A trophy to show off

-A rare pet!

Any of the finalists will take home;

-A trophy

-The Title "Grand Arena Finalist"

-A not-as-rare-as-the-rare-pet-but-still-rare pet!

Everyone competing will also recieve various fun items and goodies as thanks for joining in and making the arena tournament fun for all!

The Winner and the Future Edit

The winner of course will be someone of either great skill or great luck. Winning will of course gain them pride and of course, a title, but this is not permenant. Every few months, the tournament shall be held again and losing this shall mean your title shall no longer be "Champion" but "Ex-Champion". Also, if at any point a contendor deems themselves good enough to take on the Champion, a match may be called and if the challenger wins, he may of course crown himself Champion. (However, no prizes shall be handed out bar the title)

OOC Edit

Yeah, self explanatory really. Simply, every Saturday night we shall be meeting up. To begin with, set up some food items, some alcohol and some party toys to have fun with. Yes, simply, a party. When the judges and I are ready, the first contendors shall be announced and called up. When prompted, the duel shall begin and everyone shall take their places to watch. Best of 3 occurs, with the winner taking the points. Rare pets may include Azure/Green/Blue/Red whelpings and as for trophies and titles, add it to MRP and a GHI item shall be made. Not great, I know, but it's Rp, so take it with pride!

Anywho, good luck to those who intend to complete! Train hard for in the summer, prepare to duel!

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