Ein........EIN! a distant Voice.... even though the voice sounds familiar he doesnt know the name of the lass. Ein...........The voice slowly gets softer and softer. as if he's moving away from it. Ein opens his eyes. but he could have kept them close too the same same scenery. "al'ight. wot has happened again?" The young dwarf asks hisself *

A few days ago*

"Thank yer, Ein" a Dwarf. just a bit older than himself. and a younger dwarf. who is around his own age stand in front of him. "now we know wot those things are we can think of sumthing to defeat them, Right bro?" The other dwarf nods"Aye. felix and me. we will take those in front of Ironforge. you and Interceptor go to Tanaris. most of the clan went there already" The older dwarf nods. 'Ein ye stay at the hunter hall. i already told them ye'd come. me animals will protect ye" Ein Nods "Same goes for mine!"The young dwarf answers. a moment of sillence. the two dwarves wistle and two rams walk in their direction. they clim up. "See ya Ein, Ignar" the older dwarf says. before he rushes off in the direction of the gryphons. "Aye see ya...Ledah" Ein answers. he turns around. but the younger dwarf called Ignar has already disappeard. "Time fer me to hide then i guess" Ein said. as he walked in the direction of the Huneters hall. but when he almost arrived there..... "UNDEAD! Undead at the Great Forge! Protect the King!" Guards running around. Hunters. Warriors. Paladins and even the unruly Rogues running towards the Forge. Ein huried himself towards the Hunters hall. After a while in Hiding between animals a guard came in the hall. "The battle.....Is over guys....... seems like most of....the undead bastarts 'ave been ........ defeated.." The guard lookied kinda green and ein assumed it was from the smell. even though the stench didnt arrive at the Hunters hall yet. it sure must be a hell outside. he thought. A laugh. and suddenly a brightly collored gem fell from the sky trough the roof. a loud crash. stones, wood and weapons flying around due to the sudden impact. the guard who just came in got pierced by a bunch of spears. smacked against the wall and didnt move anymore. Panic all around. People who try to get out. while others try to get in. the Gem that fell down shines and a bunch of purple lightning bolts flash down. hitting the people who got killed during the falling of the gem. the dead people glow. and stand up. suddenly attacking everyone in the near area. and each who gets killed becomes another undead. "I have the get outta here!" Ein thought. he stands up. at least he tries to. but suddenly before him. a Undead Dwarf. with three Spears Pierced Trough his stomach and heart. Ein closes his eyes waiting for him to strike. but then a sudden "Growl...INTERCEPTOR!" Ein opens his eyes. and sees a Snow wolf Jumping upon the undead. biting and scratching it. It's a battlecry Ein is all to fammiliar with. LEDAH!. the dwarf stands on the roof. "Wot are ye doing lads! this is total Chaos. Those who can still stand but nej fight, Hide near the animals. The hunters who can fight come to the roof. and aim frem here! warriors Go help the ones who are hidden under the rubble. Priests and paladins Tend the wounded!. Rogues. do whatever ye can to destroy tha crystal ande make sure the undead do not get any closer! Rose! Gust! Revenger! Interceptor! go and keep the undead away frem the cevilians!" The animals listen. and luckly so do most of the people. hunters shoot from the roof. a Priest is walking trough the animals. raising his staff and hands here and there. while the paladins and warriors try to get people from the rubble. and tending to the wounded on the spot. After a few hours. there is Nothing but shards left of the Crystal. and the undead have all bean defeated. The losses are great. but its a small victory for Ironforge. "Ein ye alright lad?" Ledah stands next to him. "Aye i am" Ein looks up "How 'bout Ignar! ye bro? " Ledah smiles "Him? he's wit the clan. this is nej the only place under attack by those undeads ye know?" Ledah Sights "Forces frem Northrend..... we have ta stop them before things go teribly wrong..."

*A few days later*

"It was northrend right... aye that was wot Ledah said.." Ein sneaks trough the Harbor. "and if i was right the cargo ship is..... This one." Ein looks towards one of the ships. its different from the normal ones.. bigger. and he can spot some bones on the bow.. "well maybe northrend needs those things." he sneaks on and hides below deck. after a while he hears a female voice " You got Everythin'?" "Yes ma'am!" A lower voice answers "Good. now go to menethil. and get the last supplies. and hope those damm Dwarves do Not interfere this time" The female answers

* The present Day*

Ein........EIN! This time a few familiar voices call him Ein tries to open his eyes again. it's dark. and the air is spinning. he stands up and looks below him. "Wot the! that'..........Thats me!!" he screams. the female dwarf looks around her a second. "Ein?" Ein shakes his head trying to understand all of this. he turns around. "Ein boy.. this isnee good ne?"A dwarf. probarly slightly older than Ledah stands in front of him "Dad?... that ye?" Ein asks. unable to believe what he sees "Aye. its me. but i dinee think to see ye so soon. its to soon ye know.... ye have to go back..... " The dwarf answers. "But i am..." Ein tries but the dwarf interupts him and grabs his shoulder "Ein frem now on Yer opinion is Declined. ye will live now open yer damm eyes and WAKE UP" the Dwarf pushes ein on the floor where his body lied. "Come on Ein. open yer eyes!" Ein opens his eyes.he looks up right into the face of the crying lass. he tries to laugh. but it end up more like a scream of pain. he looks up and sees a large two-handed sword in his chest."It seems like......i escaped...death.......once...again......." Ein tries to stand up. and grabs the sword. clenches his theeth and pulls it out. the sword drops and blood gushes from the wound. He closes his eyes for a second and heals himself although the power seems to be weaker than normal. the wound slowly closes and the bloodflow stops. Ein looks around and sees a bunch of undeads sitting around. all defeated. He grabs the sword. and binds it on his back. "Well at least let me see if i can put this thing to good use..." The female dwarf walks up beside him. "we better make our way to Valgarde we need to get yer wound treated." Ein looks at a map "Aye. that will be around... 4 hours of walking. 3 if we hurry." she nods. and starts walking in the right direction. Ein looks around one more time. and then follows her. An undead moans behind Ein. "Shut yer trap" and suddenly it's sillent again. "i dinee know they would listen to that" Ein thinks and grins. a few udnead seem to follow Ein. and the moment he notices he says in a low voice "Stay here and Shut the hell up" while his eyes glow slightly. the undead fall silent.......

Extra Note Edit

The caracters in this RP story are

Ignar Ironwing

Ledah Ironwing

Ein Ironwing

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