This is not actually a proper guild; it is part of the back story for the events in Trial and Error.

Name Edit

The Mathematician’s Guild

Traits Edit

They love maths and will not let anyone who does not join the guild. Most of the members are just innocent enthusiasts but a large proportion of the leaders are corrupted. By that I mean that they are greedy, mean and jealous of whatever someone has that they don't. So they wil try to make a better one or, if they can't do that, steal the original.

Race and Class Edit

The Guild is Alliance but apart from that there is no restricition on race or class. The Guild mainly made up of Gnomes but there are a few, maybe 5, Goblins.

With class the Guild is mainly made up of Mages and Rogues. Preists, Paladins and Death Knights are the least common.

Occupation Edit

Nice Side Edit

This side loves to solve the worlds mathimatical problems. They are very helpful and willing but are easily manipulated.

Characters included in the events:

  • Iqua Madrasda
  • Axelsplinter
  • Yeltisn 'Protractor' Boomcast
  • Icra Bordas

Nasty Side Edit

Manipulative and greedy they will do anything to get their hands on what they want. They are also not very loyal so if they can see that a situation is going to benefit them they'll do it without any qualms.

Characters included in the events:

  • Sygryde Brumkath
  • Tyrous
  • Delmkiln
  • Athaldu
  • Lawrans Wendor
  • Minastroni Clandesnita
  • Jangra 'Compass'

Background Edit

Hadn't really thought about this before but I guess this is how it was formed:

((Name)) saw that all the mathematicians of this world were highly in demand but were not getting fair deals for their work. So he/she formed the guild to bring together the mathematicians and organise them. However, after the death of ((Name)) Sygryde Brumkath took leadership and the guild has taken a turn for the worst.

Criminal Record Edit

Hasn't been found guilty of anything... yet.

Personal Notes Edit

"What's the password?"

"Erm,...Cos equals a squared plus b squared minus c squared divided by 2ab?"


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