The first case in the events of Trial and Error

Intro Edit

It was cold and mostly quiet and still in Fleet Street on the night of the 15th; apart from Topper McNab, who was snoring loudly from behind his crate, the assortment of rats scurrying about doing their thing and the general flitting of shadows. There were lots of those but for now we will only concentrate on two.

These two shadows were lurking in front of the door to the Barbers shop. From one there came a small chinking and clicking noise and from the other came whispers of encouragement and words that were not dissimilar to ‘Hurry up damn it!’. As we get closer to them we can hear their dialogue.


“There! Done it!” Said the gnome with the skeleton keys.

“Quick, get in!” The other gnome said, waving his hand in front of his companion to keep quiet. His companion complied and composed himself as they entered the property. Leaving the door open but lighting a match, the gnomes made their way over to one of the barbers chairs. The second gnome brought a small razor out of one of his pockets and began scrapping it against one of the struts that made up the chair.

The other held his hand underneath ready to catch whatever fell. Several large flakes of gold fell off and held caught by the gnome’s hand.

“Eh…this isn’t right…” The gnome said and both bent over the offending flakes to take a closer look.

“No this isn’t right…” Said a voice out of the shadows. “But I’ll do it anyway.” With that the gnomes heads were smashed together and they both crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

Crime Edit

Two bodies and a razor have been found above the Barbers in Stormwind but who was the killer?

Locations Edit

Of Crime Edit

 The upstairs room of the babers in Stormwind.

Of Trial Edit

The Guild Hall in the Dwarven District.

Suspects Edit

  • Snikkult Skalfgizgar
  • Honack Jonesson
  • Dyseyth Nightwinger
  • Sygryde Brumkath
  • Iqua Madrasda

Outcome Edit

The Jury found that Sygryde Brumkath was guilty. It fact it wasn't her! It was Honack Jonesson who had intended to kill Snikkult Skalfgizgar but had instead kill the other two Gnomes (who have yet to be identified).

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