The Opened Eyes were a breakaway from The Thousand Eyes. Most of The Opened Eyes' members were former members of The Thousand Eyes. They were created by Ságe Grimtotem, as she was voted as the best potential leader for a rebel group.


The Opened Eyes were first formed as a rebel group to oppose Verdauga and his mad reign. The name "The Opened Eyes" refers to the fact that the members had their eyes open to the truth and were not blinded by madness as The Thousand Eyes (or at least its ruler) was. Even after Verdauga gave up The Thousand Eyes the people remained in The Opened Eyes, calling it their home. Sage Grimtotem lead the Eyes for many months before she stepped down and vanished from the lands. The guild was handed to Tootles Whitecloud who had always been eager to return to the original guild. However even with the death of the founder of The Thousand Eyes, The Opened Eyes remained as they were.

Eventually though after almost a year of existing as The Opened Eyes, the peoples of the Eyes both new and old returned to The Thousand Eyes this time as The Eyes of Kalimdor.

Wildlords Edit

The following is a list of all the Wildlords the Eyes have had since it's start:

  • Verdauga Whitecloud, First Wildlord of the Eyes: The creator and ruler of the Eyes since it's creation until he stepped down in the middle of June 2009, following the rebellion which led to the creation of The Opened Eyes. He is also the oldest Wildlord to have been.
  • Braan Firetotem, Second Wildlord of the Eyes: Braan, a member of the Opened Eyes rebel organization, was chosen by Verdauga as Wildlord when he stepped down in June 2009. He is notable for being the Wildlord with the shortest service-length, stepping down five days after he got the title.
  • Talnes Whitecloud, Third Wildlord of the Eyes: Talnes took over for Braan when he stepped down. Braan's original plan was to merge the Thousand Eyes with the Opened Eyes, as most of the active members of the Eyes had joined the Opened Eyes. This involved disbaning the Thousand Eyes and letting members choose to join the Opened Eyes if they wanted to. Talnes, however, was against this, and Braan gave him the title of Wildlord in hope that Talnes could come up with a better solution. Talnes eventually joined, abandoned the Thousand Eyes some weeks later, and strives to make the Opened Eyes as similar to the original guild as possible. Talnes is the youngest Wildlord yet.
  • Ságe Stoneshatterer, Fourth Wildlord of the Eyes: Ságe was chosen as leader for the Opened Eyes rebel group on the 6th of June 2009, before both Braan and Talnes, thus actually bing the Second Wildlord of the Eyes. Still, she is listed as the Fourth because the Opened Eyes was a self-proclaimed organization, and whether or not Ságe can be considered an official Wildlord before the Thousand Eyes was officialy abandoned is an open question. Ságe stepped off as leader of the Eyes on November 18. 2009. Ságe is notable as she is the only female Wildlord to have been yet.
  • Talnes Whitecloud, Sixth Wildlord of the Eyes: Appointed on 18th November 2009, after Ságe left. Read the description above.

Noteable past membersEdit


  • The original guild <The Thousand Eyes> were heavily influenced by the "Redwall" books, and although, due to a recent name change, many of the ranks have been kept, to attempt to keep this style.
  • Many members of the Eyes have names similar to characters from the Redwall books, some may be planned, others may not be.
  • The Eyes use /guild as an in-character channel only, communicating via special signets. The /officer channel is OOC.

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