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Background Edit

After the Warsong Defensive and the events of the Wrath Gate, Arthas flew into an uncontrollable rage, especially at seeing the head of his Lieutenant hung above the gates of Warsong Hold. Soon after the valiant defense of the Tundra to the south west, the Alliance arrived and followed suit. To the far east of these camps, yet more Alliance arrived and of course, the vengeful Forsaken. Believing the time for action is now, Arthas commands Nul'renak, one of his highest ranking Liches to chose a new Lieutenant and to strike back at the free forces of Azeroth where they are vulnerable.

Current Reports from Northrend ((In chat knowledge)) Edit

No news has arisen of any unusual behaviour in Icecrown though there does seem to be a new Necropolis being built to the far North, larger than any we have seen.

Main Characters Edit

Knight Master Rasaan Edit

Once a Soldier of the Argent Crusade, Private Rasaan's squad, like many, was ambushed and obliterated by Scourge forces in Northrend. After putting up a valiant fight, his troops were deemed fit enough to be reanimated into Death Knights to serve Arthas, the Lich King. However, during reanimation, something went wrong. A small group of Argent Soldiers under command of a young but ferocious Draenei assaulted the hidden reanimation studio, destroying the crystal keeping the bodies of the corpses just out of reach of the final release of death until they became Undead soldiers. The small squad was punished for its actions by Nul'renak but as expected, it was to late and the corpses were now useless and had to be scrapped. All corpses bar one.

One corpse lay struggling to survive, writhing in fits of pain on it's table. Nul'renak, after attempting to dispose of this corpse found a resilience within it's decaying heart and saw fit to deem him the armour of Death Knight. Excelling through his training in only a year, he was dragged out of existence by Nul'renak and dragged to a set off area to train a new group of Knights for Renak's personal uses. Two years later, Rasaan is a Captain and his Knights prepared for battle. As for Nul'renak, a Necropolis must be filled and a land once condemned must be re-taken and he knows just the man for the job.

Knight Captain Tauruva Edit

Once a Shaman of Mulgore and a kind hearted person, this young but powerful Tauren was sent away to the distant lands of Northrend to aid the Horde at the Warsong Offensive. Over confidence in his abilities was his downfall. Sending him on a msision to take control of a fallen Necropolis, the Tauren fell in minutes from an arrow to the chest and was dragged off to reanimation. He was there turned into an Undead before being taken away by Nul'renak to a small area to await training.

Tauruva excelled in his training, never losing in a duel against his fellow Initiates and showing incredible strength. Even so, a new blade had to be forged just for him for the normal blade, usually held in two hands by a normal Knight could be easily wielded with one for him. His inner will is collapsing though, and all sense of his shamanistic ways have gone. As such, he has found it difficult to find the power he once posessed.

Lich Master Nul'renakEdit

Not much is known about this Lich, except this; He appeared only a few years back. Every enemy he has seen to defeat he has taken away, dead or dying, without even burning the corpse or reanimating it there on the spot. He has been in what the Argents can only describe as hiding, appearing once in a while, usually alone. He has been seen around Icecrown with several Death Knights with black, steel clad helmets bearing black bat wings sprouting from the side.

Two Argents have fought this particular Lich in the past and lived to tell the tale, and they are the ones who left a mark upon him to tell him apart. His cloak is blue as any other Lich's; Icy blue with a silver headpiece. His eyes are somewhat more alive than most, but most importantly, his skull is cracked down the middle from an axe blow delivered from an Orc upon a battlefield. More information on this Lich would be a boon to the Argents as recently, he has been atop all of their plans; getting in the way, knowing their plans etc.

Surrounding Stories Edit

Post any stories you have involving your ideas and plans in the event!

The Rise of Master Rasaan Edit

Background story of the events preceding the event, following Rasaan's rise to power as Master of the new Necropolis. The link leads to part one of ten. (Currently, 4 parts of 10 online.)

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