Found in the rotting diary of Eric Farrington in the dead city of Andorhal…


My beloved home, Andorhal, has fallen victim to an evil plague. I have witnessed the horrors of the Scourge firsthand, and seen unimaginable things. Death was not granted to my loved ones. Instead, everyone I've ever known has turned into monsters. Monsters of unfathomable, relentless viciousness! I thought nought of a few illnesses, a few fevers. We continued to ship out crates of grain to Lordaeron, and we weren't fearful of this new sickness -- we were confident our healers could handle it. I know now that was foolish, blind.

The denizens of Andorhal turned into vile zombies of the Scourge. These monstrosities no longer held any thoughts or abilities from their mortal lives. Most certain of all, they readily used new powers we had never seen before to further spread the disease and hasten the destruction of the city.

I have been hiding for two days in the sewers, but I must venture out soon to find supplies or possibly a way out of the city to the forests.


Help me, I’ve been bitten! I cannot believe I was foolish enough to think I could sneak past all of them on the streets. The zombies are everywhere now, and Andorhal is only a shell of its former glory, a sad and twisted remnant of my beautiful home.

I can already feel the disease taking me. May the light bless me as I go to be with my family and friends once again. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my sanity. I am weak. I hunger, and must eat...



What happened? Edit

The second plauge of undeath was a terrible zombie infestation that covered the whole of Azeroth and beyond. Suspicious crates appeared in Booty Bay,


Thunder Bluff: wish you were here

crates of cursed grain just like in the first plague of undeath. The cure spread to Kalimdor, Ratchet and the Barrens, and evenutally got as far as Winterspring. More crates appeared in the main cities bound to the earth with dark magic so that they could not be removed, and plagued roaches wandered the streets. Argent Healers came to all corners of Azeroth to do what they could, in later days they died out perhaps becoming zombies themselves. The cities were littered with corpses and were not safe. Some chose to fight and some panicked. Due to the unity of the Horde and the Alliance it was not as terrible as the first plague which was more focused in one area. It lasted for almost a week until the Forsaken found a cure. The memory of that day is still all too memorable to all, and perhaps it was hardest on the Forsaken and Elves to suffer twice. Despite this the Elves and Forsaken dealt best with the situation, having dealt with it before. The plague was carried out by the Lich King and was part of the Scourge Invasion.

Survivors and victims Edit

Most heroes of Azeroth were involved and survived the second plague, and many fell also to become minions of the Lich King.

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