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Recently there has been a handfull of complaints regarding the sexual nature of some images/articles on this wiki. If your article includes such an image, please add a "NSFW" (Not safe for work) caption at the top of the article! Not everyone veiwing this wiki may be doing so in an enviroment which they arn't being monitered in, such as schools or work, so even softcore imagery could land them in trouble. Or they may just not wish to see it on the screen at all without fair warning. A quick flag at the top of the page ought to help avert this.


Alyxandria here,. I've set up this Wiki as a hub for the Roleplaying community of The Sha'tar EU. It's going to need your input to be as useful and interesting as it can be, so please add your characters and stories, and help out wherever you see something that needs doing. As I don't know every person, place and storyline on The Sha'tar, this is depending on you lot to be a success. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to poke me on the 'Discussion' tab, or Poke me in game on Alyxandria or Lueianna. Or email me at

Current admins are: Stabik, P3a and Tirixian! Alyxandria is no longer active on the wiki, so by far the fastest way to get help is to get ahold of one of us three.

To Do:
  • Cleaning up the wiki of articles marked for deletion. Getting there~
  • More content
  • Pictures!

Wiki Weekend

The Wiki Weekend was an event set up by Ursala in order to renovate the Wiki as a whole. Throughout the 17th and 18th of March 2012, a group of Sha'tarians worked to improve the site. A large change was a new design of the homepage to meet new-age technology, mobile & touch screen browsing. With Blood, Sweat and a little bit of tears, the Sha'tar Wiki has become 100% more awesomer. --Tirixian 20:40, March 17, 2012 (UTC)