OOC: Just an area for announcments as such as I believe more of you check this than the realm forums. So feel free to post anything In-Character, Town crier reports, Wanted Posters, Notices and Bullitens. Whatever you fancy.

Notice Board Edit

Terrible Conflict Edit

A terrible conflict threatens to envelop the Horde and Alliance, The War of Peace, aptly named, threatens to burn every lands. The soldiers of this war will pillage until a peace treaty is formed and the war ceases. Once started it will spread like a plague. Arrows are being fletched, siege engines built, swords sharpened and magic drawn. The war cannot be stopped, it can only be fought.

Blood Knight NoticeEdit


((Please full view to read))

A notice is pinned within the main training hall of the Blood Knight's Enclave. All other notices around it seem to have been removed to draw attention to this one in particular.

Igniter Poster

The Bonfire BrigadeEdit

((The Bonfire Brigade needs more members before we can start up. We're looking for Social characters with the ability to make campfires. What's required of the player is to stick to the RP policy - which we all do anyway, so that's not much of a requirement, is it? *smiles*

The OOC purpose of the group (not guild) is to spread some RP. The IC purpose is to spread some cheer and warmth, after everything that's happened in Northrend. We'll do this by simply making a small fire, sit down and invite others to join. It's up to the individual if they want to share anything, like alcohol or food with the others. It helps, but it might not be something the character would do. Otherwise a little conversation, maybe a good fishing tale, can brighten up a person's day considerably.

It's also up to the individual where and when they decide to do this, as long as it happens After the starting event. The starting event will be a day of fires being placed all over Azeroth and maybe Outland too, and we need as many people as are willing and able to attend.

If you're interested in joining, please contact Dominique for the Alliance, and Sarap for the Horde. Or sign up on the forum here's a direct link to the application form. ))

Harbour Market 22-5

Go to the Harbour Market bit on the Theramore forum to sign up for a stall. You can also just show up on the day. It's a great oportunity to clean out your bank and make a few good bargins. Hope to see you there.

Feel free to join the forum for other reasons as well. The more support, the better a place it will be in the future.

Wanted Posters Edit

Karyrth ThunderstoneEdit


Click to read

The Dwarven hunter named Karyrth Thunderstone is known to possess information about a Dark Iron operating out of Ironforge. If captured, there is a chance that you could get the information yourself. He was also involved with some sort of terrror attack with two other Dwarves in Darnassus. The names of these accomplices are unknown.

Be Warned

*He won't give up without a fight

  • No-one would currently accept him as a prisoner
  • He is far faster than he looks

Consider him armed and dangerous, do not attempt a lone arrest!

Imithriel ShadowstriderEdit

A Scourge aligned Quel'Dorei assassin.

Imithriel is tall and slim. Dark skin and blue eyes. Her hair is short and silvery blonde.

Wanted dead or alive for treason, murder and assaults. Delivery to The Blood Knights.

Consider her armed and dangerous!

Wolfe LaCroix AKA "Croix"Edit

(( Pinned to the wall of both Stormwind Keep's exterior notice board and the outside wall of the Ironforge auction house ))

WANTED : Wolfe LaCroix

Former Alliance High Elf, now in league with the savage and despicable Horde.

Wanted by the Dwarven Alliance Ironforge Justice Committee for the crimes of high treason, mass murder, arson and unlawful escape.

50,000g Alive

25,000g Dead


  • This mark has an unusual talent for escape, even if you capture her, be careful to keep an eye on her at all times lest she slip through your fingers.
  • Proficient with a blade and has weapons concealed on her person at all times.
  • Be sure to keep your hunt for Croix in the light of day, at night she has an almost inhuman ability to know where people are, information collected from her former jailers indicates that somehow she can see perfectly in the dark.

DELIVER MARK TO EITHER : Roark Ironhill in Stormwind trade district OR : Gnale Flamebeard in Ironforge.

Mark has been removed from Alliance records due to death. Benefactors of payment consider their debts repaid and do not wish for exhumation.

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