Hokay! I thought that since we always have at least one new roller here on the Sha'tar, we might as well be as helpful and as welcoming as possible to these lovely people, and have a thread specifically for them, telling them about the sights and sounds (and smells!) of the Sha'tar life.

First of all, welcome to the Sha'tar. It's safer here. We're a vibrant, accessible, active and passionate community of roleplayers. We're not afraid to try new things, and we pride ourselves on our openess to newcomers. But don't let me babble on and tell you all this...see for yourself!

Our Wiki! Edit

Set up by the lovely Alyxandria, the Sha'tar Wiki site covers all sides of the Sha'tar, from its characters, guilds, and organizations, to upcoming events, regular meet-up points, and tons of anecdotes and stories that are both new, and have appeared on the forum in days past. Once you're finished this, get on other there, and have a look!

Channels Edit

LFRP is used as the primary IC channel for the Alliance, whilst the Horde uses HordeRP to conduct their insightful conversations around life on Azeroth. As for OOC RP channels, there is /LFRPOOC on Alliance, and /PlaguelandsRP on Horde.

Want more specialised channels?

There you go!

Guilds Edit

The Sha'tar has a number of guilds within it, both for RP and PVE players, and sometimes both at the same time. There is just about something for everyone, and examples include the dwarf-focused Stonefoot Clan, the Kaldorei-killers Agrammar, The fiendish Apothecarium, the military group Horizon, the noble Lightsworn, the fun and social guild Sanctuary, the serene Thalassian Rangers, the piratey Bloodsail Elite, the soup-selling Shatterfang Clan, the Fish and Bake hosts Immortalis, and The Opened Eyes.

A complete, but still updated list for both Horde and Alliance guilds can be found here:

Taverns and Shops Edit

Om nom nom nom, slurp slurp slurp. Yes, we denizens of the Sha'tar like to munch on pork scratchings and down a few tankards of mead, and we have a variety of pubs to do so in. We have the game-run tavern the Blue Recluse, which is often used for night-time social RP, wherein many can be found to getting a bit tipsy and a bit joyous, and crucially, a bit skint.

Events Edit

Events on the Sha'tar go from the tried and tested to the weird and the original, and pretty much all of them are open to all attendees. Participating in these events is usually a great way to get settled into the realm, as they tend to attract a lot of people. Examples are the Kall-hosted Fish and Bakes, the Dagger and Totem Gatherings of the Horde, and the upcoming Ratchet/Booty Bay pub nights. They'll normally be advertised on the forums, and in-game, and if you're interested in hosting your own, you can seek advice from

Storytelling Nights Edit

Horde side has a storytelling night in which characters come together in a circle to tell stories of their victories, to tell anecdotes of profound moments, or just to tell folktales of yore. An excellent way to get into the RPing scene and meet new people, this relaxed event is held weekly. With an emphasis on tribal Horde RP, it's in Thunder Bluff where Cairne is at 8pm on Fridays.

Raiding Edit

Aha! Raiding on the Sha'tar actually does happen, and guilds often recruit for new members to join their epicly geared ranks. Whether it be casual raids into Ulduar, or more serious efforts to dethrone the Lich King, the Sha'tar has some great opportunities for you, and although we're an RP server, we can still hold our own.

One particular group that deserves its own special place here is the Alliance-based 15th Dusk, which is a raiding community for RPers that does not require you to leave your guild to take part in its raids, nor that you change your talent specs so that you're oh so more efficient. It is full of experienced raiders, who CAN give advice if members need it. If you're interested in raiding, but don't wish to join a guild primarily because of that, then you cannot go far wrong with this smashing community. Link below.

Here's the realm's raid progression thread for your interest:

PVP Edit

And if you're one of those uncultured sorts that like to partake in bashing the heads of real people, rather than NPCs, then we even have something for that. Asides from the occasional PVP RP event (complete with highly entertaining blue-shielding!), we have a few pre-made battlground channels (which can be seen in the previously linked public channels thread), and according to a poster below me, we have a few successful arena teams, so rawr.

We also do a lot of Wintergrasp. You can normally find someone RPing there, in the battles.

Still interested? Excellent! Why not introduce yourself in this thread, ask any questions this hasn't provided the answer to, and then proceed your campaign in the Sha'tar?

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