The Soul Map is a beautifully designed Shu'halo rug, not too different from many others except to Verdauga, who it fell from the sky to in Stonetalon. To him the complex patterns and neat threading is a map, blueprints to learning more about the soul. Keeyakee always shunned this idea, saying it was just a common rug and that one can't put a soul into picture form or even learn to deceifer it. It would be upon the floor of Kotir and Verdauga would often smoke his pipe and gaze at it. He began to understand that the soul can expand and be continuous from the repetitive patterns around its edge, but was always puzzled by the orange square design of its centre (which some said looked like a kabab) and other aspects save the white dots which, of course, he related to himself for being the only one to believe in this common rug to be a window into understanding the spirit within. There was a fire one day in the Taurajo hut and the soul map was destroyed, Verdauga was devestated and Keeyakee was not. The hut was restored and an identical rug was placed where the soul map was but it was not the soul map to Verdauga. Weither it really was a map of a soul or just a rug is yet to be unseen. But plenty of peacebloom was smoked over it and much pondering was done upon it. To this day nobody knows who made the original soul map, but it is likely it was a humble, hermit weaver.

The Soul Map today Edit


Verdauga upon the new Soul Map

The Soul Map was recently restored by Verdauga using resources from Northrend, lesser titan relics to be exact along with some frostweave cloth. It is strong and magical, perhaps even more magical then the original soul map because it can fly and support Verdauga upon it. Argueably this is a true "soul map" if such a thing could be classed as a magical item although it has no complex a pattern and Verdauga could not have written down a soul upon it. But since many a night staring at the old rug has imprinted it into his memory he has begun to sew the outline of the pattern upon it but is very suspicious that one broken thread or misplaced stitch upon the design could do something to his own soul..

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