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The Stonetusk Tribe is a group of dedicated members of the Horde banded together under "Chieftain Razuli da Fishah mon" to aid the Trolls of Malaka'jin in defense of the Stonetalon Mountains. The tribe actively war with the criminal Venture Co. and their powerful neighbouring tribe: The Grimtotems. The tribe have also encountered Kal'dorei roaming their mountains aswell as the ever dangerous wilderness.

This odd bunch have a very Shamanistic culture and they will often go where the Elements guide them. However, this doesn't stop your average warrior from picking up a sword and going to hunt for the tribe's food or striking deals with other tribes or clans to aid their cause. Being a tribe of the Horde, The Stonetusks welcome all races into their ranks, though the bulk consist of trolls of differing backgrounds.


Malaka'jin is located amongst the towering peaks of Stonetalon, high above the twisting valley marked by Grimtotem outposts that border the Barrens. The only two entrances are marked with shamanistic Troll symbols and firesticks to guide the tribe up the hill to this well protected camp which is mostly bustling with life from the Stonetusks.

The village itself is festooned with trinkets and fetishes that the tribesfolk decorate their huts with. Stone idols of favoured Loa and trophy skulls hang from ceilings or guard over entrances in the hopes of warding off dark spirits.

Members Edit

Chieftain - Razuli da Fishah mon

Tribe Keeper - Neehlare da Wanderer

Harbinger - Tritha Redaxe

Tribe Healers - Tajin of da Plains, Stumplehoof, Yra and Codi

Shadowhunters - Shahis, Kasgen, Slyren, Kil'tik, Tenika, Jixza, Gas'jin and Zuljáh

Hexxers - Jin'ha, Q'wooz, Heleta and Jabdara da Sleepah

Witch Doctor - Rinir

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