As I said with the Scourge Siege , ideas are still being culliminatedand more shall go on when I get more drawings, maps and such and such. Anyway, on with the current information! This is an Alliance one by the way, opposed to the Horde Scourge one.

Background Edit

For months preceding the invasion of Northrend, large fleets of ships were spotted off the coast of Stormwind and several convoys of ships fell prey to this threat with no news escaping of who they were. Lucky for the Alliance, one group of ships managed to engage these ships and survive to tell tales of their like. They were tall, no shorter than 9 foot, green, covered in Seaweed and bearing vicious weapons. Kvaldir as they are better known. Vrykul of the Oceans and their target is to stop the Alliance progressing into Northrend.

One brave assault by the Kvaldir left Stormwind harbour in ruins. Now, it must all be cleaned up and re-prepared. The Kvaldir fleet has returned and the Alliance must be ready to defend against it.

Current Reports from Scouts ((In Chat Knowledge)) Edit

A large fleet has been spotted off the coast of Stowmrind Harbour, though far over the Horizon. Scouts, after taking heavy damage from defensive bombardements have been told to stay away for now.

Main Characters Edit

Admiral Huorim (who-OR-im) Edit

This tall, ferocious and cunning Kvaldir is Admiral and Leader of the gargantuan fleet of ships anchored a few miles west of Stormwind.

Captain Juana (YOU-anna) Edit

This Captain is dim-witted but ferocious on the battlefield and when in the thick of it understands which descisions are good and bad.

The Soul Ship of Ner'zhul Edit

The Kvaldir believe this ship to be the corpse of Ner'zhul rendered as a ship prepared for war and it looks the part. Four gun decks, four masts and a hull as thick as stone, this ship is not to be fought on at equal terms as the chances would still be against you heavily. In reality, this ship was formed using the spirits of the avenged who died at sea and they are prepared to release their rage at a willing victim. Unfortunately for the Alliance of Stormwind, Admiral Huorim has selected this ship as his personal flagship and intends to unleash its power on the living of Stormwind.

(Not a lot of info, but i'm still busy writing all the Scourge stuff first! =D)

Surrounding Stories Edit


The Mist of the Avenged - Coming soon...

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